Walmart Inc.’s Human Resources Needs Assessment

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Needs Assessment

In order to function properly, a company has to be aware of its needs and the resources that it requires for the key goals to be accomplished. The issues related to human resource management (HRM) are, perhaps, the most intricate of all factors that have to be considered when assessing a company’s needs. Due to the increasing diversity and the necessity to cater to the individual requirements of each staff member, a company has to construct an elaborate strategy for handling emergent issues. For Walmart, the process of the needs assessment will imply considering both HRM-associated concerns and the problem of engaging with the audiences in the Indian and Brazilian markets (Alvarez-Milán, Felix, Rauschnabel, & Hinsch, 2018). By creating a stakeholder-oriented approach as the foundation for its decision-making, Walmart will be able to meet its key needs, which currently include promoting diversity, exploring new markets, and updating the existing brand image.

Department Required Functions Department or Employee Needs Jobs or Tasks Current Training
Human Resources Motivating employees, providing them with competency improvement options, and creating new talent management strategies Financial resources for introducing new employee benefits and a system of incentives Promoting corporate values to staff members;
Using talent management to help employees grow professionally;
Training communication skills;
Making decisions in the workplace;
Minimizing the rate of errors in the workplace
IT and Communication Ensuring proper data management (acquisition, security, and transfer) The latest IT technology, including both hardware and software, as well as the access to the available resources for acquiring new knowledge and skills. Establishing a network for communication between the firm and its stakeholders;
Securing the process of data management to reduce the threat levels.
Data management
R&D Exploring new markets; developing new techniques for service improvement Financial resources for exploring new markets and the strategies for catering to customers’ needs and creating opportunities for establishing a cross-cultural dialogue. Determining the key threats and opportunities in the Indian and Brazilian markets;
Providing tools for maximizing the profits;
Establishing a new branding model
Market research
Finances Allocating the company’s financial resources and seeking opportunities for profitable investments Tools for analyzing the efficacy of financial strategies, assessing budget opportunities, and seeking investment options. Allocating the available finances reasonably;
Creating a cost-effective strategy;
Investing in the staff’s professional growth
Budget management
Purchasing Acquiring new tools and materials for enhancing the company’s efficacy Information concerning the company’s current needs and financial opportunities. Analyzing the available options;
Selecting the best price-quality correlations;
Buying the necessary equipment and resources.
Financial resources allocation

Figure 1. Needs Assessment.

As the overview of the current situation and the required changes to Walmart provided above shows, the company needs a more elaborate framework for managing the needs of its employees. The current focus on customers as the primary stakeholders creates an imbalance within the organization, leading to the needs of the staff being ignored. Therefore, Walmart will have to seek opportunities for investing in its staff and shaping the corporate ethics so that the levels of engagement and loyalty in the target audience could rise. For the same reason, the firm will need to cater to Indian and Brazilian customers, thus creating a rapport that will allow the company to cement its reputation as a firm that provides excellent services and offers outstanding workplace opportunities.

Job Description: HR Manager


  • Creating unique HR strategies and integrating them into the corporate environment of Walmart to boost the staff’s performance rates;
  • Introducing initiatives for personal and professional growth aligning with the updated corporate standards and philosophy;
  • Focusing on fostering specific values in staff members to build their loyalty to the company, compliance with the corporate standards, and engagement with the company’s needs and goals;
  • Managing the tasks associated with selection and recruitment to find and nurture professionals that will bring Walmart success in new markets;
  • Engaging in communication with staff members to ensure that their needs are fully met and that they are provided with the environment and resources required to keep the quality of their performance consistent;
  • Suggesting changes to the current employee benefits package based on the needs of diverse teams (Shen & Benson, 2016).

Job skills: recruiting and staffing; communication; problem-solving; organizational planning.

Salary: $90,000/year.

Job Description: R&D Manager


  • Researching the factors that affect a company’s performance in the new environment of the Indian and Brazilian markets;
  • Planning the implementation stage of projects and developing strategies for addressing possible concerns;
  • Supervising different stages of new products and services development to address possible inconsistencies to prevent quality management issues;
  • Keeping track of the expenses taken by the organization to meet specific goals and implement the company’s projects;
  • Developing new product ideas and solutions to meet changing demands of the target market;
  • Understanding the expectations set by customers for new products and ensuring that these products meet the set quality standards;
  • Cross-disciplinary communication skills for interacting with the rest of the departments.

Job skills: leadership, management, communication, problem-solving, creativity.

Salary: $100,000/year.


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