Teamwork and Communication


During the group assessment activity, I read extensively about teamwork in the workplace and explored several concepts related to the topic. My role was to conduct research regarding group work communication and its application in workplaces. The research was conducted by reading academic sources such as textbooks, journal articles, and internet-based articles and reports related to the issue. I also watched videos on the topic and listened to interviews involving leadership and management experts talking about communication. In addition, I watched simulation videos demonstrating the application of various communication skills during group work. I gained a lot of knowledge on the topic and supplemented the information attained from class lectures.

Main body

Poor communication was one of the most dominant constraints that affected the assessment activity. Poor communication skills, meaningless disagreements, and lack of a team leader affected the productivity of the group. The goals of the group were not attained fully because a lot of time was wasted bickering and arguing about trifling. Lac of a team leader meant that there was no order and group members behaved as they wished.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the group were low. The performance of some members was unsatisfactory because they were absent-minded most of the time and fulfilled their responsibilities partially. Each group member was assigned certain duties that were critical to the attainment of the group’s goals. Lack of cooperation and harmonization of the members’ actions resulted in poor outcomes that reflected the group’s low productivity and lack of commitment. In addition, conflicts between group members were a major source of poor performance and dissatisfaction with the assessment activity.

The group assessment experience was highly valuable to me as a member of a group because I was able to learn the various dynamics of teamwork. I learned about the effect of communication, leadership, and conflict on the outcomes of group work. The experience helped me to create important connections between the theoretical knowledge gained from class lectures and research with real-life experiences involving teamwork. I think the success of teamwork depends on factors such as effective communication, resolution of conflicts, good leadership, and commitment by members to fulfill their duties without fail.

I learned about the negative effects of conflicts, disagreements, poor leadership, and ineffective communication on teamwork. It is also important for a team to have a leader who should be responsible for coordinating the activities of the team. The leader should ensure that all team members perform their duties without failure because their individual contribution is critical to the success of teamwork.


As a member of a group, I have several recommendations that are important for group work. First, effective communication is very important. All members should be able to express themselves clearly, present their ideas and opinions assertively, and use language that everyone understands. Secondly, it is important for a group to have a leader who should be responsible for organizing and planning the activities of the teams.

For instance, he/she should distribute group tasks among members and hold them accountable for their actions. Third, it is important to choose appropriate decision-making and problem-solving methods in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This learning experience will save me in the future as a manager or a group member in an organization by furnishing me with knowledge and experience on how to work effectively in groups, manage group members, and enhance the efficiency of teamwork.