Teams’ Development, Communication and Learning

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There is no use denying the fact that our world is based on the interaction between individuals. Since the first primitive human societies, people had been interacting with each other in order to survive and promote development of their group. However, in the course of time, humanity had evolved and obtained a great variety of new remedies and methods. However, the teamwork still remains one of the most efficient ways to achieve some needed purpose and guarantee success (Quora, 2013).

Due to this fact, the concept of team training and team development obtains great significance as it could help to increase the level of performance of any organization, which is very important in the age of rivalry and high tempos. With this in mind, the main aim of the given paper is to analyze the main concepts of teamwork and the ways in which its efficiency could be increased. The work revolves around the training principles, that could promote development of a team, stages of its development, importance of communication within a group and the ways in which it could learn.

Importance of Team Development

First of all, it should be said that as a great number of other phenomena, a team should never stop its evolving. In other words, team development becomes a very important factor which shows that a group still exists and has not run its course. There are several points to prove this statement. The thing is that the absence of development means stagnation, which is very dangerous for a human collective. Having no purpose to achieve or no clear perspectives, people lose interest towards the activity they perform. Additionally, motivation, which is extremely vital for any collective, also decreases and general performance becomes less efficient.

It should also be said that history has a great number of examples which show that society or a team, that has stopped in its development, collapses, having no idea how to move and what tasks to accomplish (Team Development – Meaning, Stages and Forming an Effective Team, n.d). That is why, team development is extremely important as it helps team members to consolidate and move towards the chosen aim.

Effective Training Principles

However, to be able to evolve, a team should be comprised of professionals, who are able to cooperate and perform their tasks at the high level. With this in mind, the necessity of training becomes obvious as people should be taught how to interact in the way that could be the most efficient and bring benefits. To be beneficial, training should be based on some important principles. The first one means motivation and inspiration.

A person should be interested in the acquisition of new skills and knowledge in order to train with a great intensity. It could be made by showing advantages and benefits obtained with the help of this training. Moreover, training should take into account the main needs of workers in order to be efficient. The emphasis should be made on skills and knowledge needed for a team to perform their duties better. Nevertheless, it is obvious that training, which takes into account these principles, are more efficient and make a team more consolidated and beneficial (The seven principles of effective training, n.d).

Stages in Team Development

It should also be said that any team has 5 stages of its development. The first stage is Forming. This stage is characterized by a great excitement of team members, who have great expectations and are eager to work together in order to achieve some result. The main task at this stage is to outline goals and perspectives.

The next one is Storming. At this stage people realize that it is not so easy to achieve a certain aim without some efforts and extra training are needed. Members of a team can be angry with each other because of the failure of their expectations. That is why, it is necessary to reconsider the goals of a team and outline a perspective for people to obtain the new aim.

Storming is followed by Norming. During this stage members of a team are more concentrated on relations within a collective, understanding each other better. In its turn, it helps to increase the level of performance of a team and move towards a certain goal.

Stage four is called Performing. It is characterized by the satisfaction of all team members. They work in order to achieve some goal and they feel attached to the team (Stein, n.d.), helping each other.

Finally, the Ending stage comes. Some teams break down when the goal is achieved and there is no other task to accomplish. Usually, evaluation of teams successes is given and new projects are discussed.

Communication in Teams

Nevertheless, it should be said that all these stages of development could be achieved only in case of the efficient communication within the group. There is no use denying the fact that the level of understanding between the members of a team has a great impact on its performance. In other words, the better workers are able to explain each other their tasks and expectations, the higher level of performance would be.

Resting on this fact, it becomes obvious that great attention should be given to the way in which team members communicate. Nowadays, there is a tendency to provide some training for people to be able to formulate their thoughts and share them in the way which is the most appropriate and efficient within the given group (Team communication, n.d.). Thus, it is possible to say that communication, as well as training, is another important aspect of the efficient functioning of every group.

Team Learning

Finally, is should be said that another thing needed for the development of a group is learning. It involves the process of interaction between people in order to learn from each other a great number of various things, starting from weaknesses of one member ending with the way in which a group prefers to organize its functioning. It should be said that team learning is the process which occurs in the course of the functioning of a group and in collective problem solving, when people observe the way in which another person performs some task (Team Learning, n.d.). It helps to make all members more efficient and increase the general performance at the same time.


Resting on these facts, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It should be said that nowadays the concept of teamwork is extremely important and, that is why, great attention is given to its main points. Taking into account great importance of the development of any team, it should be said that such factors as communication within a team, training, and learning should be given particular emphasis as they have a great impact on the functioning of any group.


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