The Company Redesign Idea and Its Feasibility

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Organizational design is a company tool aimed at improving and creating the most appealing image of the organization. Such a system facilitates the development of processes that are vital to the effectiveness of employees. Firstly, the quality of communication between colleagues speeds up the processes, allowing a quick question and answer (Kumar, 2020). Secondly, it changes the strategic sphere as it positively influences the internal environment of the industry (Kumar, 2020). Thirdly, it is essential to understand that every business has goals and objectives that are not always easy to set for employees (Kumar, 2020).

Redesign helps prioritize work activities and encourages employees to work at a high-quality level (Gregory, 2021). This is due to the relationship between the atmosphere within the team and the results of the organization because the psychological factor affects the performance of the employee (Gregory, 2021). Therefore, when it comes to redesigning a company, more attention should be paid to the human side of the industry because it is the qualitative transformation and improvement of working conditions that can bring the highest profits for the industry as a whole.

Apple is an excellent example of the most effective redesign of a company. This corporation took steps that improved both the internal environment and overall efficiency as a result.

  • Setting a long-term vision by creating innovative phones that are available worldwide (Kahney, 2021).
  • Studying the competition and the environment within the company to create an advantage over the rest (Kahney, 2021).
  • Creating a strategy, engaging aggressive marketing, impressive presentations, memorable publicity speakers, and Steve Jobs (Kahney, 2021).
  • Changing the mentality of employees, namely the restructuring of people’s attitude to work not as a source of income but as a place to implement ideas and their desires (Kahney, 2021).

Thus, we can draw several conclusions from the example of Apple. First, the redesign deals with all company areas in aggregate, without singling out a specific one. Secondly, the considered process is aimed at achieving maximum benefits and high efficiency.


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