The Culture of an Organization and the Impact of the Strategic Leader

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Culture is one of the obstacles that affect the success of businesses, especially mergers. Many mergers have been found to fail due to their failure to recognize cultural integration. People from different organizations come with different views and beliefs about the new organization, not realizing the damage it can bring to the organization. To curb this, mergers should address cultural issues at an early stage before it becomes a challenge to the organization.

It is not only mergers that are affected by the issue of cultural integration. Almost all businesses are faced with this challenge, and it is up to the management to devise ways of dealing with it. In every workplace, there are employees that come from different ethnicity and backgrounds to make one big family called the “labor force”. The cultural web observes that, in order for the business to perform harmoniously, the labor force must work together and put aside their geographical or biological difference. They have to uphold the business’s ethics and learn to appreciate one another. Employees who work as a team have been known to perform better than those who work individually; this is because an individual cannot possess all the qualities, skills, or experience in a team.

In an organization, to understand strategic management, every stakeholder has to understand its culture and the impact of the senior manager or strategic leader who strengthens it. This will shape the way in which the business progresses and also increase its productivity. In an organization, culture takes into account the customers because they are the ones that purchase what the company produces and therefore have to be handled with care.