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Michael Dell founded Dell Company in 1984; his intention was to provide his customers with the computers that could aid in meeting their demands. At the beginning, the company majored in the production of the PCs, however in 1985 it managed to produce its first computer by name Turbo. Unfortunately, due to both variations in consumer focus and its allowance provided to the clients led to the company setting apart.

The company was able to raise about 73 million dollars in its first year in the field of computer products production. A price of $ 8.50 per a piece of share led to the company going public, and by 1993, the company had managed to take one of the top five positions in terms of computer production. By 1995, the price per piece of share had grown from $ 8.50 to $ 100. The rapid growth in business led to Dell Company shipping its ten million systems by 1997. Through advancement in productivity, Dell Company was able to introduce adaptable and easy to use Dell printers in 2003 for public use.

Despite its high productivity, Dell has a renowned record of accomplishment with customer relation pertaining to computer products. Its expansion as a venture solution and service provider has boosted its success making 2012 as one of its successful financial year. It garnered revenue of 62 billion from new corporate highs, $1.9 earnings per share (GAAP) and $ 2.1 (Non-GAAP), and income from venture solutions and services of $ 19 billion.

Success of Dell Company comes from its efforts in meeting the demands of its customers in major markets. Being not a manufacturer of its components, Dell has a diversity of assembly points to help serve its major markets (Hill and Jones p. 274). For instance, plants present in Austin, Texas and Nashville not excluding Tennessee serve North America. On the other hand, Dell use plants Eldorado do Sul and Brazil to serve Brazil and South America. Asia-Pacific region is served by both Penang and Malaysia whereas Xiamen and China have the responsibility of serving China and Japan. Dell not forgetting advancing in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, it gave Limerick and Ireland the responsibility of serving them.

To keep itself at the top as one of the best computer companies in the world, Dell has technological global command centers that harmonize parts logistics and field technicians who respond quickly to client’s requests (Hill and Jones p. 221). The global command centers aid very much in ensuring the customers are served at their convenient time and at any place (Hill and Jones p. 23). In addition, global command centers enables the companies to monitor supply chain activities and make amicable adjustments when need arises hence managing to meet the demands of the customers. In order for the Dell Company to meet the demands of its customers in time, it incorporates with the third party logistic companies. The third party logistic companies play significant roles in handling not only the storage, but also deliverance of service parts to Dell product consumers, activities that contribute significantly in cropping and developing customer loyalty on Dell products.

In conclusion, high and effective production of computers by Dell Company has led to its advancement worldwide. Many people prefer Dell products to other computer products by other companies hence giving it a chance of advancing more and more.

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