The Lush Company and Its Competitive Advantage

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In the modern world, there is a high level of competition in almost all areas. Therefore, companies strive to develop strategies and implement policies that would enhance their level of competitiveness. One of the companies that I think has policies contributing to its competitive advantage is the British retailer Lush. Although some people may think that this cosmetics brand does not deserve as much attention as, for example, Tesla, Boeing, or Coca-Cola, it is constantly working on its development. Lush was established by six co-founders in 1995 and is now 10% employee-owned with nine thousand staff members (“We are Lush”, n.d.).

The company has 937 shops in 47 countries that sell products manufactured by seven main facilities (“We are Lush”, n.d.). For the past few years, Lush has been able to make significant donations to charities supporting human rights, animal and environmental protection (“We are Lush”, n.d.). The provided information can serve as evidence that the company’s politics contribute to its competitive advantage.

Lush has several policies that distinguish the company from its rivals. For example, its ethics policy is represented by The Lush Ethical Charter that describes the brand’s ethical standards regarding animal testing, vegetarian ingredients, fair wages, diversity, inclusion, and transparency (“We are Lush”, n.d.). The brand’s social responsibility is mainly represented in its Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy and Charitable Giving Policy, with the first one setting certain standards for all employees and suppliers (“We are Lush”, n.d.).

Lush products may be most known because of the company’s environmentally sustainable policies such as People Care, Earth Care & Fair Share Buying Policy. The policy prohibits the suppliers from damaging natural areas, excessing legal pollution limits, or acting in any way that does not align with Lush’s environment plan or animal welfare standards (“We are Lush”, n.d.). In combination with the company’s standards, the mentioned policies allow Lush to maintain a working environment that creates products able to enhance the brand’s competitive advantage.


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