The Pringles Company’s Analysis

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One of the largest companies in the snack and food industry is Pringles. The company’s main product is chipped, which are available in a wide variety of flavors, including certain ranges related to different events, such as New Year’s Eve or the International Football Championship. Today’s world is characterized by the use of the Internet and social media by various companies to promote their products and brand advertising. Pringles is no exception, so it follows to analyze which social networks and what the company uses.

The main area in which the firm uses social media is marketing. It is important to note that the company is present on almost all major social networks, which indicates the modernity and awareness of advertising agents Pringles. This can be analyzed using the Facebook page, where the main posts are short videos and pictures of packs of chips with certain flavors, separated by theme (PringlesUS). For example, hamburgers, pizza and cheese flavors are combined into a single post under the slogan “It’s lunchtime somewhere!” (PringlesUS). Thus, with unobtrusive images and catchy slogans, the company promotes new products since a large number of people consume information precisely from social networks (Pathak, 2020). In this way, the company uses this type of marketing as an integration into the target audience space (Pathak, 2020). The next example of Pringle’s activity in the Internet space can be the official account of the company on Instagram. Essentially, the firm also promotes its own products while occasionally diluting the content with jokes (Pringles). Nevertheless, by analyzing the profile’s activity statistics, there are only 2-3 thousand likes per post for its 667,000 followers (Pringles). This suggests that the audience is not interested in visiting the page. Because of this, the conclusion is that the integration is not very effective, hence the need to improve the content.

One improvement could be the ability to collaborate with people. In other words, being able, for example, to vote for new products or participate in raffles will attract the interest of the community. In addition, jokes in the form of “memes” and short videos, like TikTok, are gaining popularity on the Internet (Pathak, 2020). Thus, by integrating this kind of content into existing content, Pringles can also increase the company’s online productivity.


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