Walt Disney Company: the Customer Service Perspective

Overview of the Objectives

The Walt Disney Company is multinational company that provides a variety of products and services to people around the world. The company’s mission is to “achieve exceptional performance by embedding ethical business practices into” their actions and decisions (“Citizenship Targets,” 2012, p. 4). The vision of the company is to provide people with a variety of high quality entertaining products and services in the world (“Citizenship Targets,” 2012). With this vision and mission in mind, the following objectives for the organization’s customer service can be outlined.

In the first place, the company should pay more attention to surveys and research. It is essential to know what exactly is desired and expected to be able to provide high quality products and services satisfying customers around the world (Franz & Smulyan, 2011). Secondly, the services should also be made more affordable. At present, the company provides a variety of services which are quite costly (Ingersoll, 2005). However, in many countries (including such developed countries as the USA, the UK, France, etc.) many people face financial constraints which affect their ability to spend money on entertainment. Thirdly, the company should continue focusing on innovation and development. Thus, it is crucial to develop new products and services to remain competitive in the contemporary business environment (Snow & Yanovitch, 2009). These objectives can help improve customers’ services and achieve the company’s goals. What is more, these objectives can also help the company reach their goals, its mission and vision.

Objectives, Measures, Targets, Actions

Objective Measure Target Action
Research One of possible measures for this objective is development of the list of issues to be addressed. Thus it is important to identify specific questions to ask and fields to research as this will lead to meaningful results. One of possible targets of this objective is a set of data that reveal customers’ evaluation of products/services and/or customers’ expectations. One of possible initiatives is a survey among the company’s customers and potential customers. The survey must exploit mixed method (qualitative and quantitative).
More Affordable Products and Services One of the measures is the increased number of high quality new products and services provided at lower prices. One of targets is increased number of satisfied customers and increased rates of sales and revenue. One of initiatives is development of strategies to decrease costs of some products and services.
Innovation and Development One measure is a plan of development of new products and services which will fit the customers’ expectations. One of the targets is increased number of new innovative approaches. One initiative is to diversify products and services by transforming existing ones.
Relationships to other objectives The identified objectives relate to the objectives identified previously. For instance, development of sports programming is one of ways to diversify services, and make them more affordable. Development of unexploited markets is also a way to diversify and innovate, making the services more affordable. Finally, making services affordable also relates to the objective mentioned in this paper. Therefore, all the objectives relate to each other which will positively affect the development of the company.
Revisions (if any) to previous assignements Objectives
I would not change the objectives mentioned in the previous assignments as I think these objectives can positively affect the company’s development. They can also positively affect customers’ services.

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