What Helps Crocs to Achieve Success in the Market

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The company under consideration, Crocs, manufactures and sells its own brand of shoes, and the mission and vision statements are explicitly provided on its official website. According to this source, the business strives to provide convenience alongside innovative approaches to its customers (“About us,” n.d.). Its mission statement is as follows: “We are in tireless pursuit of new comfort technologies, developing revolutionary materials that are lighter, softer and more flexible than ever imagined” (“About us,” n.d.). It is supported by the vision formulated as “everyone comfortable in their own shoes,” implying the focus on a wide range of buyers and accessibility of goods (“About us,” n.d.). These claims are intertwined and, therefore, can be examined through the lens of their practical implementation.

Thus, the shoe manufacturer’s actions are in alignment with the provisions mentioned above as they are underpinned by the successes of the company in the identified areas. For example, innovations are guaranteed by continuous efforts to make footwear more comfortable by experimenting with materials (“About us,” n.d.). This aim is complemented by other initiatives in this direction, including ensuring the uniqueness of offers as a part of product development strategies while addressing environmental needs, such as protecting communities and animals (“About us,” n.d.). In turn, Crocs’ marketing projects are characterized by attention to qualities instead of attracting celebrities to the process (“About us,” n.d.). In this way, the sincerity and effectiveness of the mission and vision statements are reflected in the correlation between them and the adopted solutions.

The discussed claims clearly help achieve significant success for Crocs in the market. It was conditional upon their use in guiding essential choices to guarantee customer satisfaction not merely by the products but their correspondence to the concepts concerning them. In other words, the orientation on manufacturing shoes with regard to environmental issues and the desire of clients to maintain a comfortable lifestyle allowed Crocs to distinguish themselves from other businesses in the field.


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