What Should Be the Customer Service of a Firm Within the Domain of Logistics Management?

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Business needs to prove the appropriate level of customer service that will satisfy customers’ needs, increase the number of loyal customers, and business revenue.


Logistics management is the process of establishing and controlling the efficient flow and storage of a product in order to comply with customer’s requirements. One of the essential components of effective logistics management is high-quality customer service. Many consumers rate customer service as the most critical factor when deciding to make purchases from a company. Around 89% of customers have refused to deal with companies because of bad customer service. Therefore, the importance of customer service in logistics cannot be overstated.

Within the domain of logistics management, the customer service concept implies that firms should ensure proper logistics management and, consequently, business success through five significant elements of customer service. First of all, it is essential to have employees that can work together as a team and assume responsibility, especially when there are problems and difficulties. Moreover, the customer service concept implies that firms should have company’s staff that has skills and knowledge that will ensure the successful promotion of the company. Competency at the job is a significant part of customer service.

It is crucial to have a complete and precise customer service policy that would cover any possible situations a producer can imagine within a customer and have a plan of action to deal with each. At the same time, it is necessary to layout the policy principles that are needed to solve emerging problems. The staff of the customer service is able to manage any situation if they have principles and guidelines to follow. At the same time, the head of the company can ensure that all customer’s wishes are taken into account.

It is vital to establish a reliable process and means of communication. It should be quick and efficient to make sure that a producer can be reached at any time for coordination or information. No matter how excellent the customer service is, the product itself has to meet or exceed all customer expectations. The part of good customer service is taking into account customer comments and making improvements to both products and customer services.