When Might Be the Best Time to Start Saving for Retirement?

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Many people are interested in question when might be the best time to start saving for retirement, and the answer is as soon as possible. It is best to start putting aside from the first salary, since this move will increase the amount of money at the expense of bank interest rates.


Retirement planning is an issue that people have to start considering in their youth, as the early savings allows them to get a comfortable living in the future. This statement is logical even for people who do not use the services of banks. However, the main advantage of early saving is the time for which a person can open a bank account that will bring profit at the expense of banking services.

People have to pay attention to financial instruments that allow deferring taxes, thereby increasing the profit from savings. Joe Roseman suggests considering options such as Roth IRA, Roth 401 (k), municipal bonds, and permanent cash value life insurance and choosing the most suitable one.

Many people want to know how to start saving for retirement at 20, 30, 40 if the family income is not considerable. The answer is simple, although its implementation is complicated, since it is necessary to set a goal and fulfil it. For example, a person may set himself or herself the condition to save 10% of the monthly salary for retirement. As income increases, this portion may grow also. However, it is essential to save money permanently, even if the young specialists after the university still pay student debts, since the time until pension will not become longer. Thus, in 40-45 years, a sufficient sum will be waiting for an owner to ensure old age without worries about financial security.