Wizz Air Firm’s Marketing, Branding, Advertising

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4 Marketing Ps

Wizz Air is one of the largest European airline companies in the growing and turbulent low-cost airway market. It focuses primarily on building its expansions by saving any possible costs, as many customers prefer the low prices and speed to high-quality airlines if it means saving money. Due to the growing number of destinations, many subsidiaries, and low-cost, Wizz Air airlines have gained popularity among budget-sensitive customers (Kelemen et al., 2019). Nevertheless, as there are many competitors and due to the pandemic, the company needs to continuously develop new methods of keeping its high position on the market.

Branding and Advertising

The Wizz Air (or Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.) is a Hungarian airline company that focuses on providing the lowest possible costs for its customers. The company primarily works with European destinations, but also operates in some Eastern and African countries (Kelemen et al., 2019). The primary branding and advertising strategy relies on promising affordable flight prices for anyone. Customers can choose what to pay for, as the base prices offer the minimum necessities without charging for additional services. As the ultra-low cost airline market is highly competitive, it cuts many costs to keep its high position on the scene.


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