A Marketing Strategy on a Company’s Website

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The marketing strategy on the website homepage of a corporate depends on the product offered by the corporation. The biggest video game firms, such as SONY, EPIC GAMES, ELECTRONIC ARTS, and NINTENDO, opt to show entertaining videos of the games they create on their site. The largest movie corporations, such as Marvel Studios, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, and 20th Century Pictures, advertise movie trailers on their homepage.

Music companies such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Limited, and Spotify use music videos to promote their product. The aim of using the videos is to attract purchasers to their products. This method lures the clients to purchase the commodities or get a premium subscription from the targeted audience (Vinerean, 2017). The customers having the premium subscription, in turn, pull huge finances to the advertising company.

The other marketing technique that companies prefer to use on their website is describing the company’s product. The corporate bodies that adopt this technique include online shopping companies such as Amazon, Jumia, Kilimall, and E-bay, which show the brands they sell with their prices. In this process, the consumer can easily order the commodities and do the transactions online. The products purchased online are then delivered safely to the client. This mode of marketing seems to attract many customers due to its convenience. The display of the products also gives the customers a wide range of choices through which they can choose the most suitable products (Ali, 2021). Learning institutions have adopted this set of advertisements, especially colleges and universities, to advertise their courses. The learners can apply for the courses they desire, thus attracting more learners to the institution.


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