Amazon Advertisement and Marketing Strategy

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Amazon is a multinational company whose headquarter is in Seattle City. The company majors in digital streaming, artificial streaming, and e-commerce. The organization has established various methods of marketing its products and services. Other than Times Square in New York, Amazon-Out-Home Ads could be placed in the Orange County town of Montgomery. The location would have favored high-end business due to the massive population for marketing of products. Other outdoor forms of out-of-home ads recommended for Amazon include bus shelters, retail, mobile advertisement, and billboards.

The second headquarter office of Amazon is established in Arlington, neighbors Washington DC and, therefore, I would place an out-of-home advertisement in Crystal City. The region is densely populated and, hence, setting basic out-of-home advertisements such as billboards improves e-commerce marketing.

A banner ad is one of the methods commonly used in advertisement industries. In addition, banner ads, other advertising and marketing industries sites such as radio, television, newspaper, direct emails, and directorates can be used to market various products (Hole et al., 2018). For instance, television is widely used globally, therefore efficient media for advertising and marketing.

Social media marketing is a fast-growing feature in which businesses have provided consumers with more manageable and efficient means of accessing products and services. Various social media sites have been used to promote business. The appropriate social media platforms commonly used in advertising and marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (Fahmi Al-Zyoud, 2018). The social media websites are the most suitable for promoting the brand of Amazon companies because they are readily available, less expensive, and efficient. Moreover, many people can access the internet at different places at their convenient times.


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