The Change in the Funeral Service

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My biggest surprise regarding the change in the funeral service is the way this industry has begun to use technology in its practice. In particular, companies providing funeral services have started to offer live online broadcasts of funerals. I think that this change happened because governments imposed social distancing and prohibited gatherings. As a result, traditional funerals involving a large number of people willing to commemorate the diseased person have become impossible.

Therefore, the funeral industry has developed a creative solution, namely, providing people with live streams of funeral services. It may be assumed that this offering will stay after the pandemic is over because there will often be people who cannot come to the ceremony. Thus, they may be willing to attend the service via online broadcast.

The changes are still happening since the funeral industry has not used technology before. For example, it was uncommon for such companies to market their services on the internet and inform people about their prices online. It can be expected that, in the future, funeral services will embed the technology in their practice. Hence, people will be able to research the appropriate burial company and arrange for funerals more easily than it is done today.