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It is vital for personal growth and formulation of a plan for the future to look at accomplishments made and outline knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that assisted in it. As I remember, I have always considered the greatest achievement I can be proud of opening up a LIMMS room. It was done in collaboration with the OT and Speech therapist for my one-on-one student. He was put in a category that would define him as high functioning and capable of integrating with the general education students. LIMMS room was opened with the assistance of other students who were in a similar situation. It took twelve weeks for the room to start operating fully.

The mentioned accomplishment required a set of specific KSAs to make it successful. I am confident that my knowledge of working with students who require a unique approach was one of the key factors in my success. Moreover, such skills as responsibility, attention to detail, emotional intelligence in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, organization, adaptability, time management, and highly-expressed leadership were helpful while accomplishing the achievement. Finally, abilities to engage people in cooperation and persuade those who do not fully agree with my plan were also necessary.

With respect to my vision about where I want to be five years from now, I expect myself to open up a commercial cleaning company where all the employees would be classified as high-functioning autism workers. I believe that it will enable them to obtain life-skills experiences and a decent level of income. I assume that I will need to learn about how to manage businesses, obtain necessary resources, and find appropriate workers.

My proven KSAs will be a vital part of achieving the goal. They will enable me to successfully utilize my experience while working with students requiring a unique approach. For instance, leadership, organization, and teamwork skills will be helpful in cooperating with others and managing. Emotional intelligence will enable me to choose better employees and partners to work with, while abilities to engage people will assist in team-building. Finally, adaptability and problem-solving skills will allow me to decide in any situation successfully. Simultaneously, there are several weaknesses that will interfere with my goals achieving. I tend to procrastinate if the dynamics of my life are lower than they shall be. In addition, I micromanage a lot, as I still do not have partners I can be completely confident in which. I believe that I will eradicate the mentioned weaknesses or they will not significantly interfere with my company’s opening.

It is possible to outline a career plan for getting to my dream. The long-term goal will be to “open up a commercial cleaning company with all the employees classified as high-functioning autism workers.” My short-term actions intended to support the goal are: I will learn more about managing small and medium-sized businesses. It includes completing specific courses, reading appropriate books, and meeting with people who can share valuable experiences. I will obtain knowledge of how to open a new business, what resources are needed, and what governmental support I can potentially receive. I will research the types of loans I can be qualified for to start the business and make up a business plan for my enterprise. Finally, I will contact organizations to provide me with information about high-functioning autism workers who can potentially be hired. I believe my KSAs and a concrete plan of action will assist in achieving the goal.