Analysis on the Success of Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy

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In my essay, I consider visual rhetoric as a powerful tool utilized in advertising to attract new customers and create a positive product image. The central aspect of the paper is the ads of Coca-Cola and the use of elements of visual rhetoric in it. My work is primarily intended for people related to advertising and graphic design. It will be of interest to those who want to understand how the Coca-Cola brand manages to remain one of the most famous trademarks. Therefore, the essay reveals a rather important topic and can be widely utilized in the future.

This paper, aiming to explain how advertising for Coca-Cola, while remaining simple and unpretentious, still attracts thousands of buyers worldwide, has merits and demerits. As for the article’s success, due to it, it becomes clear why seeing a product from a good angle means buying it. Moreover, it indicates the main feature of visual rhetoric in Coca-Cola advertisements: it evokes feelings of joy and nostalgia. Possible failures of the essay include the fact that only one Coca-Cola advertisement was considered and analyzed, which does not allow the audience to understand all nuances of visual rhetoric in this brand. Perhaps it was worth paying more attention to the color scheme of the chosen advertisement. Although this essay can benefit the target audience, readers are likely to need more detailed information about how the visual rhetoric influences the buyers. Thus, the work is well-grounded enough, but it still needs several improvements.

While working on this topic, I used several essential studies. One of the most vital papers was last year’s analysis of the Coca-Cola marketing strategies by Bodi Chu. In the author’s opinion, spiritual culture has always been an integral part of Coca-Cola’s brand (Chu 98). I have also utilized studies by Marcel (2017), Karl (2017), and Kamil (2020) to explain all sides of visual rhetoric. Thus, in the essay, helpful and appropriate papers were used.

While writing this essay, I discovered many details about how visual rhetoric affects the buyer, but my study may still be developed in different directions. The paper also confirms that even simple advertisements can have a powerful effect. The strategies for revision may involve looking at other Coca-Cola’s ads or considering promotions of another brand making similar products to compare the use of elements of visual rhetoric in them.

Work Cited

Chu, Bodi. “Analysis on the Success of Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy.” Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, vol. 155, 2020, pp. 96-100.