Importance of Job Analysis and Its Aspects

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It is widely accepted that human resource management presupposes singling out knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOCs) that are required in a certain position. If future employees are not assessed in terms of these parameters during the interview, they are likely to fail to perform their job responsibilities later on. Therefore, an efficient HR is expected to do job analysis beforehand to find out what a unique person they need to hire using specific tests, questionnaire, and even games (Pynes, 2004). Concerning a position of a social media director, there should be special attention to job details because the main duty of this worker is to present the company in a proper way.

Recruitment & Selection

Admittedly, there can be several points to take into account while searching for the right person to fill the position. Firstly, soft skills may be of great help for a social media director to become an essential part of the team and make them listen to his or her view of the company’s publicity. Secondly, there should be knowledge of social media scheduling software and Photoshop to perform daily duties. Unfortunately, “HR and management (especially senior management) have no idea what encompasses the day to day functions of any particular job” (Heathfield, 2020). As far as a social media director’s functions are concerned, they should discuss the clients’ aims and goals, learn more about the company’s brand to be ready to work on its image, keep pace with the market, and create top-notch content for the company’s websites.


To sum it up, it is no easy matter to do a job analysis. An HR has to know a lot about the area in which a candidate is going to work. To find a brilliant candidate for a social media director position they should never forget that the reputation of the company is at stake. A candidate is better to be an advanced user of different programs to create media content and be capable of communicating with clients and persuading in certain decisions on the company’s presentation.


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