Apple Inc.’s Goals, Values, and Performance

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Apple is considered the company with the biggest capitalization in the 21st century. Its market cap is almost three trillions dollars, according to Yahoo Finance. This makes this corporation one of the most interesting businesses to private and institutional investors. While Apple is known as a producer of high-quality items, it is also known as an organization with clear objectives, high performance, and stable value ratios.

As for the goals of the company, Apple strives to create the most high-quality software and hardware for the best experience of consumers, among whom are primarily students, educators, and creative professionals. In order to implement this mission, the company constantly releases new models of innovative phones and other computing devices. As a result, with the help of promoting campaigns, Apple manages to sell the latest products and increase its sales.

The profitability ratios prove the constant growth of the corporation. For example, on average, the free cash flow growth per share of Apple has been 19% in the past three years (Grant, 2016). As for the sales and gross income growth, the annual rates are 33% and 46%, respectively (Grant, 2016). Lastly, while the return on common equity of Apple in 2017 was 36%, in 2021, it was 147% (Grant, 2016). The given calculations, therefore, indicate impeccable progress of the company, and it looks quite lucrative to shareholders. In turn, the met sales agenda proves that customers also value the products.

The values of Apple are quite apparent from their reports and include client value creation and diversity and inclusion. According to the company, “inclusion and diversity are cornerstones of the global Apple community” (Apple, n.d.). Additionally, Apple created a diversity of choices for clients, including the services for students and people working in business, healthcare, and government industries.

Hence, Apple, being the company with the biggest market capitalization, tends to gain attraction not only from clients but also from investors. The ratios of the company indicate a constant increase in revenues, ROE, free cash flow, and income. The core values of the company are client value creation, diversity, and inclusion. The main objective of the corporation, the creation of high-quality software and hardware, is, therefore, supported by investors and customers.


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