Proper Change Management Among Employees

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One of the major goals of an effective manager is to ensure the readiness of change from the staff of an organization. The problem is that the organizational culture can be so conservative and rigid that without the managerial skills of persuasion and problem-framing, the organization may experience a production crisis and eventual bankruptcy (Clarke, 2011). Therefore, the organization’s culture has a crucial impact on some reforms in the work style.

In fact, almost every student will encounter some difficulties during some team projects in the university. For example, it was always challenging for me to deliver some academic speech without a paper with its transcript. However, other team members were sure that the freestyle speech delivery could negatively affect the final group grade. Thus, I needed to entirely change the style of preparation for group presentations, which took a lot of effort and put me under stress. I have realized that it is difficult for me to change my habits, and I may not be so open to change. This experience has also shown me how hard it is for some to change their traditional style of doing something without the proper support from the people nearby.

This story has nothing to do with the real organization with employees and managers, but such a small-scale experience also has a similar structure. In my case, my classmates just indicated the problem but did not help enough to fix it. In a professional organization, managers should establish a clear vision of the change process (Mueller-Eberstein, 2012). In my situation, if it were necessary for managers to make the employees competent in clear speaking, it would be necessary to explain the strategy and how it should be accomplished. Mueller-Eberstein (2012) indicated that 80% of all change management failed because of an unclear vision of the strategy and ultimate goal. Hence, the proper study of management skills is essential for any business’s success.


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