Finance Professionals’ Ethics

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The code of ethics under consideration consists of three parts: Leading with Integrity, Avoiding Conflicts and Managing Information, Our Winning Culture. The code has an introduction and conclusion, it is completely transparent, which makes it clear, who exactly is responsible for corporate ethics in the company and which specialists are involved in creating a friendly atmosphere. Leading with Integrity, the first part of the code, is devoted to the manager’s responsibility to subordinates and clients. This is considered a very responsible step and a manifestation of ethical maturity, one of strengths. This part deals with legal aspects, but, in general, is not specific in describing duties.

Avoiding Conflicts and Managing Information, the second part, the largest in the entire code, is aimed at maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Conflict avoidance is a very important part of the corporate ethics of this firm, and all employees are responsible for this. The compilers pay special attention to personal relationships in the workplace, political views, activities outside of work (participation in protests, for example). In this part, a lot of attention is paid to the relationship between colleagues up to the most personal moments.

The third part is devoted to culture, and has only general characteristics of a developed corporate culture. It is almost impossible for these rules to operate, just as it is impossible to fix that the employee acted outside the framework of these rules or deviated from them by some fraction. Servicing the interests of the employer is described in detail in these rules, but the interests of clients are almost not affected. Some companies put a lot of effort into building a directly customer-centric ethic. This ethical model corresponds to the internal corporate rules of conduct; this is its first weakness. The second weakness is that most of the concepts are vague and it is not available how to follow the described rules. The advantage of the code is the easy structure and writing language.