The American Marketing Association’s Ethical Code

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Aligning with the key principles of ethics is one of the critical tasks for any organization willing to reach success in the target market. The American Marketing Association (AMA) has developed an ethical code that allows it to remain flexible while keeping the ethical standards rigid and, therefore, managing ethical dilemmas to meet the demands of all stakeholders. Currently, AMA defines nonmaleficence, promotion of trust in the marketing system, and promoting truthfulness in all situations as the principal ethical requirements. Due to its focus on justice and meeting all stakeholders’ needs, AMA’s code of ethics can be easily adjusted to changes within the ethical framework and the global environment.

For marketers, AMA suggests the principles of honesty, integrity, and responsibility as the foundational ethical values. Specifically, the behavioral norms with which marketers must align are defined as the concept of nonmaleficence mentioned above. Likewise, the beneficence of key stakeholders, the acceptance of trust in the established marketing system, and the alignment with the ethical values described above play an important role in AMA’s framework. The suggested code of conduct creates opportunities for fair and just behaviors and attitudes in the workplace.

In addition, AMA strives to expand the concept of marketing by including additional disciplines into it. Specifically, the sub-disciplines of marketing research have been incorporated into the AMA context (American Marketing Association par. 3). On its website, the AMA provides the final suggestion of using the services of outside experts (American Marketing Association par. 38). Thus, corporate integrity and compliance with ethical standards will be maintained. The proposed solutions have admittedly high value for any organization willing to uphold essential standards of ethics and manage the related dilemmas effectively. Therefore, AMA principles must be integrated into the corporate environment.

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