Leadership and Management: Tasks and Functions

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Leadership and management are two roles which are essential for the success of any company. At the same time, they must always be taken as a whole since management and leadership greatly complement each other. Essentially, managers are tasked with making the ideas of leaders a reality and executing their vision. Additionally, leaders outline the basic values of the company while managers have to ensure that all employees abide by them. As a result, leaders serve as the primary decision-makers who determine the strategy for the entire company, while managers are responsible for the implementation of leaders’ decisions. Therefore, management and leadership are two elements which are closely connected in the modern corporate world. Nevertheless, leadership and management roles are usually occupied by different people in order to maximize their effectiveness since thus they are able to focus on their specific tasks.

One of the past ineffective decisions which I made occurred when I worked in a planning team for a local event. Specifically, I was tasked with marketing and decided to invest almost the entire marketing budget into leaflets. I thought that people would read the leaflets and come to the event, yet instead, the actual attendance was below the expected level. The decision-making model which I used was making a decision solely and then informing the team (Stein, n.d.). I believed that leaflet marketing was the most effective and obvious solution for a local event since people living in the neighborhood would certainly decide to attend it. Yet, as it became later known, people did not pay any attention to the leaflets, and many individuals said that they did not receive any leaflets. Thus, the first decision-making challenge which led to the decision was my overconfidence which prevented me from considering any other options. Another challenge is the framing bias, since the event was local, leaflet marketing seemed to be a tactic the most oriented towards local residents.


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