Bad Customer Services

Every successful business organization provides quality services and products to its customers. Businesses should treat their customers with respect, dignity, and professionalism. Many customers have encountered bad services or products from different businesses.

I have also encountered several bad experiences as a consumer. I recently visited my Mobile Network Provider (MNP) to register for a new tariff. I had always trusted the company because of its quality services and support systems. It is also one of the best telecommunication companies in the country. The company has always been successful. I have always treated this company with respect because of its quality services.

The first observation after visiting one of the company’s Customer Care Centers was a queue of about 20 customers. These clients were looking for assistance from the company. I joined the queue with very high expectations. The queue was not moving because most of the tellers were busy chatting with one another. The quality of service delivery at this center was questionable. Every customer was unhappy with the situation.

Most of the customers expected the company to provide better and timely services. I was dissatisfied with this situation. The supervisor at the Customer Care Center was unable to coordinate his or her employees. The malpractice affected the quality of services delivered to the customers.

Every customer complained because the center did not offer the required services. I was unhappy with the company because it was no longer taking care of its customers. I did not get the required service because my time was limited.

The above situation was unpleasant because the tellers were unable to provide the required services to their customers. Every Customer Care Center should embrace the best practices and incentives to support the needs of every client. Employees should always respect their customers. Employees should also show respect by offering quality, effective, and timely services to their customers.

The tellers at this center did not support the needs of their customers. Every customer should be satisfied with the services and products offered by his or her company. I was unhappy because the tellers wasted my time. The tellers also failed to offer the required service to the other customers. This case study explains why every company or organization should be ready to provide quality and timely services to their customers.

The Customer Care Center needs to use several strategies to improve this situation. The Customer Care Center also lacked a good leader or supervisor. Such a leader should ensure every employee focuses on the needs of every customer. The supervisor should also be ready to monitor the practices and behaviors of every employee. This approach will ensure the tellers provide the best services and support to their customers.

The leader should have mentored these tellers to offer the best services. Employees should always understand the importance of effective customer support and care. A good workplace philosophy could have improved this situation. Such a philosophy ensures every employee fulfills the expectations of his or her customers.

Many customers appreciate every good service or product offered by an employee. It would be appropriate to hire competent employees who understand their duties and responsibilities. The above suggestions can improve this situation and make the Customer Care Center, a leading provider of quality customer services.