Corporate Social Responsibility

The term corporate social responsibility describes an element in business management that enables an organization to regulate itself. CSR enables a business entity to comply with the requirements of the law, ethical issues, and norms of international businesthe s practices.

The practice also ensures that activities of a business organization are used to promote development in the community. CSR enhances the connection between the business and the community in order to establish shared values, community development, and philanthropic initiatives. This report is based on CSR policies of Du Company in UAE.

Description of Du

Du is a telecommunication company that is located in the UAE region. The company provides various services such as broadband connection, internet exchange, IPTV, data hubs, and satellite services. The company dominates the major markets within the UAE region such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The organization is the largest internet provider in the region and therefore enjoys a bigger market share. The company’s success in the UAE markets can be attributed to its effective leadership style and management. The company also relies on its innovative and creative workforce, which has enabled it to outmatch its rivals in the telecommunications industry.

The Company’s Policies on CSR

With regards to CSR policies, Du has policies which are meant to empower community members to help them overcome their challenges. The organization embraces the role of corporate citizenship in contributing to the development of the society. The company has developed the program with close assistance from its employees to promote social responsibility.

It also promotes creativity and innovation among the members of the society by providing the necessary tools, skills, and information that is important for innovative development in the region. The organization’s CSR policies are also hinged on the values of honesty and confidence

How the Company Executes the Policies

The organization relies on its CSR values to execute the policies. Du is committed to empower the members of the community in order to promote friendly relationships. It also encourages individuals to pursue new and exciting initiatives that can create a surprise. Moreover, the organization encourages individuals to develop faith when pursuing different initiatives. The company also embraces transparency when pursuing different issues in order to promote the element of honesty.

Agreement with the Policies

As a responsible citizen who is interested in community development, I tend to agree with the policies of the company on corporate citizenship. The policies are very effective in ensuring empowerment of the community members. The company’s slogan of ‘adding to life’ is a clear manifestation of its commitment towards the empowerment of the people in the society. The organization’s initiative to invest in education and promote the development of social organizations in society also ensures the effectiveness of the CSR policies.

Lessons Learned

Based on the policies of the company, I have learned that CSR plays an important role in determining the company’s commitment to societal issues. For example, in Du’s case, I have learned that CSR contributes to the establishment of a good relationship between the company and the members of the community.

The interaction between the community and the company contributes to the development of society. I have also learned that participation in CSR activities enables an organization to promote its brand. The activities enable the community to develop a positive attitude towards the company and its services. This, therefore, plays a significant role in promoting the services of the company.