Information Technology and Supply Chain in Logistics

Information Technology (IT) plays an integral role in the successful governance of supply chain management (Dolci, Cunha, and Gastaud 219). Hence, there is a need to improve the overall governance of the supply chain processes in organizations. The functionality of supply chains has drastically transformed since the introduction of Information Technology in business practices.

For example, the chain members are now in a position to exercise a high level of commitment and trust. Collaboration has also improved remarkably. The application of Information Technology in the management of supply chains is not confined within the operational aspects only. Most of the past literature on supply chains mainly concentrated on the operational elements. Inter-Organizational relations should also be analyzed when discussing the aspects of supply chain management.

The information contained in the above article is closely related to the class material. For instance, the material we learned in class contains supply chain analytics or the applications of supply chain management in business operations. In this case, Information Technology (IT) is a vital analytical parameter of supply chain management. The value added to businesses by various supply chain applications were also discussed in the class material. Therefore, the article is relevant as a supporting document to the class material.

After reading the Dolci, Cunha, and Gastaud article, it is evident that the modern supply chains can hardly be competitive in the absence of an elaborate Information Technology platform (220). One of the strengths of the article is that it stresses the importance of effective governance of a supply chain system.

Several operational aspects of a supply chain have been explored by the authors. However, the article has not discussed the dynamic capabilities and perspective of a modern supply chain. The latter is a vital component of a supply chain (Fawcett 39).

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