Barriers to Total Quality Management in Healthcare

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The implementation of TQM is one of the central factors needed to enhance the performance of a particular unit and ensure that it provides high-quality services to its clients. Unfortunately, the process might presuppose some barriers and resistance to change from the personnel deteriorating the outcomes and preconditioning the incentive’s failure. Some factors should be mentioned as the most common ones.

First, fear is one of the major barriers to implementing the TQM. In numerous cases, employees are afraid of change and refuse to follow new guidelines or recommendations. This fear might result from unclear instructions, an unclear vision of the future, or uncertainty associated with the career of employees and their ability to meet new demands regarding the quality of provided services. Under these conditions, leaders should be ready to eliminate this fear and create the basis for TQM implementation.

Another barrier is the lack of skills and knowledge among workers who are involved in the change process. The inability to meet new requirements and support the positive change is one of the common reasons for failures. The given problem also preconditions the rise of issues, such as the inability to achieve the desired goal and create a new philosophy. For this reason, training becomes a potent tool for implementing TQM and attaining enhanced results.

Finally, TQM might fail because of the drawbacks in planning and activities. In the majority of cases, fostering positive change means following a detailed guide that touches upon the central aspects of radical alteration and outlines milestones that should be achieved. If the plan is not relevant, TQM activities might fail and deprive leaders and workers of an opportunity to enhance the quality of services offered to clients. In such a way, consideration of all possible barriers is another challenge associated with TQM; however, the effective resolution of such issues might create the basis for further excellence.