Business Communication: What to Remember About?

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Advancement in technology has brought new trends in various fields of practice and disciplines. For instance, the internet and other electronic media have improved performance of businesses by providing a medium of communication. The various forms of electronic communication can be categorized into external communication, internal communication and personal communication. This essay discusses how the abovementioned forms are used to enhance team work through improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Internal communicational happens within a firm for the purpose of business operations (Kushal & Ahuja, 2009). Electronic media such as telephone, internet, and radio services can be used in internal communication. The tools used in internal communication include electronic mail, electronic publications, adverts and short messages and voice calls. Zappos Company should adopt the electronic mail for communication between individuals, mailing lists for communication to a group of people, corporate blog and chat rooms where issues may be brainstormed and suggestions made. Within the organization, clarification can be made through telephone calls. The use of electronic communication within an organization reduces the time used in movement, enhancing efficiency. It reduces the cost of fuel used in commuting from one store to the other, in the process increasing effectiveness.

External communication happens between Zappos Company and the other stake holders who are outside the firm. Communication outside the firm can be grouped into two categories, business to customers and business to business (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, Lee, & Viehland, 2008). External communication between Zappos and government officials can be made effective by use of emails and telephone calls. Communication between the firm and suppliers should be made effective by the use of fax, emails and telephone calls. Communication between Zappos and the customers should be done through broadcasting firms, the internet and telephone calls. Broadcasting firms will communicate to the general public while corporate blogs and chat rooms will help narrow cast communication to individual target groups. Electronic media offer fast communication processes hence enhances efficiency. The cost of travelling from one geographical region to the other is eliminated promoting effectiveness.

Personal communication occurs when then passage of information in an organization has little to do with the business operations (Kushal & Ahuja, 2009). The messages shared in this communication include feelings and opinions about general topics. Personal communication may be done through telephone calls, individual emailing, and blogging. It ensures that the employees understand each other and work closely together for better results hence effectiveness.

The choice of the best tool to use is determined by the amount of improvement in communication that the tool can achieve. The most successful tool should enhance strategic goals and drive towards the realization of the communication objectives. It should communicate a message that is presentable, stylish, persuasive, time friendly and cost effective. It should portray a consistent image so as to avoid mix ups and confusions in the course of communication. It should have minimum short comings and maximum benefits to the firm (Barker, 2010).

In conclusion, communication plays a pivotal role in enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in a firm. Electronic communication should increase efficiency in Zappos by reducing time wastage through travelling and hosting meeting. This time should be used for other productive and income generating activities. It should also reduce the cost of travelling to increase a firm’s cost effectiveness, since the money can be invested in other areas and activities. The most appropriate tool of communication is the one that provides the firm with the smallest amount demerits and maximum merits.


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