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The construction industry is experiencing stiffened competition in the evolving world since many construction firms are emerging daily. However, people are urged to be very cautious of the construction company that they choose for their construction needs. Cases have occurred where buildings collapse a few months after their construction because of substandard construction work. Apart from the massive losses that the owners of such buildings undergo, thousands of lives are lost whenever such cases occur. In this case, we will give a stringent analysis of the key offerings of one of the most honorable construction companies, XYZ Construction Inc. The company has existed since the 1950s and it has completed thousands of construction projects. Since XYZ Construction Inc. came into existence, it has always dealt with government contracts. The company has constructed roads, bridges, and airports; however, it intends to expand its services and operations into building residential homes. Indeed, individuals who plan to invest in buildings can entrust XYZ Construction Inc. as it intends to offer the following services.

Planning and budgeting

XYZ Construction Inc. has qualified engineers who can offer the exact estimates of the costs of constructing various buildings. The company is committed to offering its clients a breakdown of the costs of construction materials as well as the labor costs of a project before the commencement of any procedures. Before the clients print the blueprints of their intended projects, they can freely consult the engineers at XYZ Construction Inc. to obtain an accurate estimate of the costs of their projects. At that point, the clients can decide on whether to cancel their projects or choose other designs that would comply with their budget. Essentially, the cost of a project depends on the design, size of the property, choice of materials, location of the property, government requirements, and the economic conditions among many other factors. Certainly, XYZ Construction Inc.’s engineers have enough experience in considering all the named factors to come up with the exact estimates of the costs of a project.

Initial design

Once the clients are sure of their budgets, they can go ahead and sign a deal with XYZ Construction Inc. to have their buildings designed according to their needs. The construction company offers interior and exterior design services to present the client with a practical view of the final outlook of their intended project. The designs offered at XYZ Construction Inc. come with animations that make the projects appear as real as possible. Clients who intend to build residents individually can also consult XYZ Construction Inc. for interior and exterior designs at a fee.

Material selection

Depending on the design and the available monies, XYZ Construction Inc. helps the clients to choose the best construction materials. The company will source high-quality construction materials from their entrusted suppliers at considerably cheap prices. Essentially, XYZ Construction Inc. intends to have several projects running at the same time to enhance cost-effectiveness to all its clients. Therefore, clients who will sign deals with XYZ Construction Inc., whether large-scale or small-scale deals, will benefit from the quality materials that are obtained at considerably cheap prices.

Professional construction

XYZ Construction Inc. has enough permanent employees and enough machines that enhance the completion of the first phase of construction in a few days. Once the land is excavated, experienced employees lay a strong foundation for the building. XYZ Construction Inc. works hand in hand with other subcontractors to lay foundations for buildings that would have more than 10 floors. Throughout the construction process, the supervisors and subcontractors work together to motivate the employees to work hard and deliver their best. With careful monitoring, XYZ Construction Inc. will ensure the clients obtain high-quality work within the set time, and within the budget limit.

Site engineering

XYZ Construction Inc. has 16 field officers who go round monitoring the progress of the company’s projects. The highly experienced engineers will ensure that every phase of the construction process is done in a very professional manner. The nonpartisan site engineers will ensure that the buildings meet the required standards at every point of their construction, failure to which, they would be answerable.


While it may sound awkward, XYZ Construction Inc. has a technique that would help clients to obtain some funding to build their residential homes. XYZ Construction Inc. will connect the willing clients to credit providers. The clients and the credit providers will sign an agreement, where, the clients will agree to repay the amount in installments. Thereafter, the credit providers would fund the whole project, whereas, the clients will repay the amount as agreed. Essentially, the credit providers that work hand in hand with XYZ Construction Inc. offer their loans at a lower rate as compared to the rates offered for home mortgages in major banks. Whenever possible, XYZ Construction Inc. will lease out residential houses, where, the clients will have to sign suitable payment terms to own the home later.

Finish selections

Other than the foundation, the final finishing procedures are very important in buildings (Rojas, 2009). While some clients would insist on their chosen colors, XYZ Construction Inc.’s experts will convince clients to choose the best colors for their finishing. The company has specialized interior and exterior designers who will work hand in hand with the client to ensure that the house is finished most attractively.

Repairs and maintenance

XYZ Construction Inc. is not only restricted to new buildings. The company will also upgrade and renovate old buildings. The company has skilled designers who will redesign old unsightly buildings into the new attractive building. A building that was once a residential house can be remodeled into a business center, a conference room, a hotel, or even a recreational center. Similarly, the company has designers who can reconstruct business centers or recreational centers into very attractive homes. Essentially, XYZ Construction Inc. is a remodeling company that can demolish old buildings or reconstructs unsightly buildings to meet the needs of the client.

Certificate of occupancy

Once the construction process is done, the full ownership of the house is surrendered to the client. In case clients have outstanding loans about the residential homes, they have to adhere to the set terms and conditions to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy. Once all payments are settled, the clients obtain original certificates of occupancy of the residential homes.

Project management considerations

From the descriptions of the services offered by XYZ Construction Inc., it is evident that the company will employ articulate project management strategies. The company will take a stringent analysis of a project before initiating the construction procedures. Thereafter, the company will plan and execute its construction services in a timely and professional manner. The site engineers will monitor and control the whole construction process to ensure that the clients obtain residential buildings that meet their expectations. With the enhanced management of the building process, the overall operational costs will reduce, and the customers will obtain maximum satisfaction with the services offered by the XYZ Construction Company (Rojas, 2009). Finally, the company intends to have an upgraded system of handing over the completed residential homes to the owners. An owner who has not fully paid for the home will have a temporary certificate of occupancy, whereas; those clients who have fully paid for their homes are entitled to an original certificate of occupancy. XYZ Construction Inc. intends to maximize its unique project management strategies before other construction companies adopt the same strategies. The company anticipates winning as many customers as possible within the first five years of its operation in the residential construction areas.


From the discussions, it is evident that XYZ Construction Inc. will become a very reliable company. All the information described above should appear in the marketing flyer in a condensed format. Indeed, the information will enlighten potential clients of the services offered by XYZ Construction Inc. The flyer should indicate that the company offers all services related to the construction of new residents, repairs, renovation, and even remodeling of buildings. Certainly, the enlightened clients will be convinced to sign construction contracts with XYZ Construction Inc. Moreover, the flyer should have information to welcome clients who anticipate receiving cash later to obtain some financing help in owning residential homes. If all the above information reflects in the marketing flyer, there is no doubt that clients will be convinced that XYZ Construction Inc. is the solution to all housing problems.


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