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The business environment is of utmost importance in any business since it comprises the internal and external environment (Thompson, 2014). The internal environment refers to factors, which the firm can control; they include the number of employees in the company, the production quantity, the location of the firm, and the objectives of the firm, and remuneration packages that will be offered to employees. The external business environment refers to the aspects, which the firm cannot control, like government policy, cultural beliefs, demographic changes, and climate change (Thompson, 2014). This study will focus on developing a plan for creating a marketing flyer for XYZ Construction.

Furthermore, the study will analyze the services of XYZ Construction and how these services will affect residential and private construction areas. In addition, this research will also focus on the appropriate practices of management that will aid in the process of minimizing costs incurred in construction projects. The less the cost of construction the more profits will be obtained by the XYZ Construction Company.

XYZ Construction plans to expand its operations both nationally and internationally and, for this to be possible, a marketing strategy is essential. As a part of the marketing strategy, a marketing flyer is of utmost importance (Thompson, 2014). The process of designing a marketing flyer comprises various steps starting from research, which has to be conducted about the market. It is imperative to know the expectations of the market concerning construction companies, the perceptions of the market concerning the XYZ Construction Company, and the cultural beliefs of the resident population. It might be a cultural belief that construction companies should not be located in certain areas, hence it is essential to ascertain all the facts.

Secondly, the aspect of the government policy has to be considered as it is directly related to the legislations in place and environmental regulations. The construction standards and government laws about construction companies also have to be established before a marketing flyer can be developed. The government policy has to be considered since specific governments have different rules that pertain to construction companies. The XYZ Construction Company has to develop a marketing flyer that complies with the government policies (Thompson, 2014).

Furthermore, the company has plans in place to transform from a private company to a public company. The rules of the capital market come into play and, before launching an Initial Public Offering (IPO), XYZ Construction has to comply with the rules of the capital market. The process of designing a marketing flyer has to focus on all these aspects.

The demographic changes are also important and have to be considered. The population changes will affect the construction of roads, airfields, and bridges. Thus, in developing the marketing flyer, the demographic changes have to be analyzed since it is not advisable to construct an airfield near residential areas, it has to be constructed in an area that is far from the residential areas (Thompson, 2014). The process of designing a marketing flyer has to focus on activities that will not negatively affect the population. Furthermore, the aspect of climate change has to be analyzed because climate changes will tend to affect construction activities especially the rainy season, which makes it extremely difficult to construct a bridge or a road.

The marketing flyer has to create awareness among all stakeholders, which include the government, the potential clients, the potential investors, and the public have to understand the activities that will be offered by the XYZ Construction Company (Thompson, 2014). For the facts concerning the XYZ Construction Company to be clear and easily understandable a marketing flyer is essential. The flyer has to state clearly that the company is a Construction Company as well as all the other activities of the company (Thompson, 2014). In addition, a brief background about the company should also be stated in the marketing flyer since the potential clients will seek to understand the background, the activities, the management structure, and the social responsibility of the XYZ Construction Company.

The location of the headquarters should be clearly stated in the marketing flyer and, if possible, the various branches of the construction company should be mentioned in the flyer. The marketing flyer should be able to persuade potential clients to acquire the services of the firm. The various means of communicating with the firm should be stated in the marketing flyer. More so, the marketing plan should be availed on the company’s website and in social media that has become an essential tool in the marketing field. The use of Facebook and Twitter can help the XYZ Construction Company to create more awareness about the company to all concerned stakeholders (Thompson, 2014).

XYZ construction services that pertain to private and residential construction services are several. The construction of roads will affect both residential and private areas. Every individual will utilize the roads at one point or another. The XYZ Company has been dealing with contracts tendered by the federal government, which means that they have been constructing major roads including highways and superhighways. The main challenge associated with some contractors especially in developing countries is the construction of substandard roads. Funds are allocated for the construction of a specific road and then the road is constructed speedily and develops potholes after some time. Therefore, the road construction services offered by the XYZ Construction Company have to comply with the construction standards. The process of developing a marketing flyer has to ensure that what is stated in the marketing flyer is achievable, and it should not deceive the concerned stakeholders (Thompson, 2014).

The XYZ Construction Company also deals with the construction of airfields and bridges. Airfields and bridges affect both residential and private construction areas. All individuals will use a bridge and thus the stress and strain that the bridge will be subjected to have to be considered. In cases where a bridge is constructed poorly human life is lost, thus the XYZ Construction Company has to make sure that human life is safeguarded at all times.

The marketing flyer should clearly state the steps the company has put in place to ensure the safety of all individuals (Thompson, 2014). The construction of airfields has to focus on the relevant international standards. Human life comes into play if airfields are not constructed properly, since aircraft may end up causing danger to human life. The marketing flyer has to present the steps taken by the XYZ Construction Company to ensure the airfields constructed to comply with the international standards.

The XYZ Construction Company is a company that deals with engineering matters. Engineering aims to create solutions to real-life problems. In addition, engineering aims to safeguard human life at all times. The marketing flyer has to analyze the social responsibility of the company (Thompson, 2014). The company is bound by law to ensure the safety of all individuals. Furthermore, the mission and vision of the company should also be stated in the marketing flyer. The safety of human life should be the main objective of the company at all times. The marketing flyer should be able to persuade all the concerned stakeholders that their safety is always assured (Thompson, 2014).

Appropriate management of construction projects will minimize the expenses incurred in the company, hence both minor and major projects will generate more profits. They include time management skills, high effectiveness, and efficiency of construction workers, allocation of the appropriate amount of funds, and adequate supervision of construction workers (Thompson, 2014). A time limit for the completion of projects has to be set. In cases where a deadline is absent, the contractors may become reluctant and, in the end, the cost of construction rises drastically.

More so, some construction workers will tend to drag their feet and, in such cases, the cost-effectiveness is adversely affected. The construction workers have to be able to provide a high output to minimize the cost of construction. Allocation of adequate funds on time will have a positive effect on cost-effectiveness (Thompson, 2014). If funds are delayed, the construction cost will rise in the long run. The manager has to supervise the construction workers since if they are left unsupervised the cost of construction will rise, as more funds will be spent on remuneration packages. The cost of construction has to be minimized at all times, as the main objective of any enterprise is to make profits; if the aspect of cost-effectiveness is handled appropriately, this is achieved.


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