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The reason for writing this 5- year career development plan is to achieve my long term goals of becoming prominent HR personnel. Though the interests lie in the same field, the goal cannot be realized in the current position which is the HR supervisor and in the same company.

This, therefore, calls for such a plan to know the current position and after that identify the suitable organization in which I can realize the goal.

Career Goals and Objectives

My career goals and objectives are to be advanced in the same field of HR. These goals and objectives include a reasonable salary that should amount to 300,000 yearly. I also look forward to work in an environment that will result in high and quality performance.

As a VP of HR, one of my objectives is to have people working for me or to be in a managerial position. In this position, my goals will include ensuring the promotion and provide career opportunity growth emphasizing on qualification merit and high performance.

I will also be responsible for ensuring effective communication among the employees to encourage solving of work problems whenever they arise.

Also, while heading the department, I will see to it that it attracts and retain those employees that exhibit professionalism by motivating them and at the same time ensuring cost-effective.

My other objective is to ensure that the organization adheres to labor laws as well as creating a work environment that ensures high and quality performance. Finally, my department will provide an opportunity for compensation and other benefit packages.

Possible Promotional Opportunities for Career Growth

The possible promotional opportunities for career growth and development can only be realized in a different organization. This is because my current company is small in structure and also it has complex bureaucracies when it comes to promotion.

In the new organization, I hope to move from the branch HR manager to the overall VP of HR personnel in the 5- year duration.

To increase the promotional opportunities, I will ensure that the people who are in charge of a promotion view me as a professional who is capable of handling the responsibilities of that particular position.

Also, I will identify the qualities they are looking for and try to cross-check alongside those I possess. In case they fall short of that then, career development will be achieved through learning and training.

This will bring in new knowledge and skills that will enhance performance in the organization (Conway, 2004).

Methods for Career Management

As HR personnel, I take different methods to manage my career. In the next five years, I will look for a better job than the current one which is an HR supervisor. A better job, in this case, means a VP of HR.

This will mean increased pay as well as an opportunity for learning and training. Education will improve my skills and knowledge and thus increasing my promotion opportunities. I also ensure high and quality performance by regularly assessing the available workforce to ensure competence.

Also, I research on the organization’s needs thus obtaining the necessary training. The training offered in the organization will be assessed to ensure its effectiveness.

This is because of good training results to well informed and accountable employees who are high performance in an organization. Communication is another method of career management that I will adopt. As HR personnel I will ensure that I establish an open communication system.

This will enable the employees to air out their work grievances. The management will also be able to give immediate feedback hence good performance (Boxall and Purcell, 2000).

An Inventory of Current Skills, Abilities, Training, and Education

Currently, I exhibit a good knowledge of computer operations. I have sales and marketing abilities as well as high education such as a diploma and a degree in human resource management.

Also, I have undergone training such as leadership and job training. All these experience will enable me to perform my duties as a VP of HR in the future.

Job Satisfaction Attributes

In 5 years, I am looking forward to a VP of HR job that has good pay, managerial opportunity and a good working environment that will ensure performance.

The job should also come with other benefits such as promotion opportunity and compensation program. It should favor me in terms of working hours and the place of work.

Three Action Steps to Reaching Stated Career Goals and Objectives

Based on the trends in the market, I intend to be competitive and hard working and to have exceptional working integrity. When faced by challenges, I intend to use my composure to ensure that I go through it whole and complete.

Also, I would like to be a team player, and to greater skills concerning the work, I am doing. I intend to know my organization well to be in a better position to have an action ability (Becker and Gerhart, 1996).

Potential Barriers to Reaching Stated Career Goals

There may be countable vacancies on the positions I am looking for. This means the period meant for acquisition may be extended until such an opportunity comes up. Moreover, there may be a Lack of finances for training and education which is crucial in realizing these goals.

Analysis of the Effect of Career Training Programs

Career training programs are very important. This is because they will equip me so that I will be able to perform the duties and responsibilities of the new position that I will acquire.

Apart from enhancing my knowledge and skills, the training program will enable me to identify the organizations that require such training hence potential employer as well as promotion opportunities.


The career development plan is important in realizing career goals. It helps an individual to know the current abilities, skills, and education as well as the requirements of many organizations.

It also helps in evaluating the current position and whether it is the best channel to the long term career goals.


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