Coexistence Established by the Relationship Between Transportation Operation and Logistics Management

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The strength of coexistence established by the relationship between transportation operation and logistics management is a measure of the degree of correlation. Previous studies on the cost contributed by transportation operations to logistics management expenses functionally explained as an example of how to measure the interactive association between them. This study quantifies the variables in question. In addition, the inference from the study has shown a positive correlation between the two as generated from the population samples collected. Environmentalists quarter perceive the current growth being in the different sector economies as coming at the expense environment. In some developing country economies, the notion among development experts has been to develop first and clean up later rather than prevent environmental damage.

Thus, the rate at which economic development is taking place in the said countries is higher than the environment can sustain. The transportation industry has been among the key sectors that have been blamed the environmental damage. The extent to which some of the logistics management will come in handy to provide comprehensive and lasting alternative solutions is subject to multiple variables within and without the sector. In the contemporary world, cutting-edge Information Technologies are making inroads to provide automated and up-to-date informative services to clients on their shipments in the track and trace applications and contributing to paperless management systems. Environmentalists perceive the paperless management systems to have a positive environment value-addition. A more recent effort to check development sectors and see how to reverse environment damage is through the ISO 14000 certification benchmarks.

Actually, a quantitative research question can explore the mainstreaming of the certification as an environment care tool by the transportation operations. The question poses, “Does the concept of certification of transportation operations and logistics management explain the relationship between set certification benchmarks and state of environment care?” Transport operators within can be sampled to establish how the variables fair while mainstreaming the ISO 14000 certification benchmarks. A null hypothesis formulated based on similar variables may be stated: There is no significant difference in environmental care between certified transportation operations and non-certified transportation operations.