Competencies Needed by Human Resource Professionals

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Why HR Certification is Important

Human resource (HR) management is the practice of recruiting and managing employees of a company. It plays a vital role in accomplishing organizational goals as its efficiency directly results in the performance of workers hired (Week 1 Reading). It is essential for an HR professional to possess new-age skills to assist a company they work for to stay out of competitors. Certification is one of the methods to enhance an employee’s knowledge that provides numerous benefits.

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Certification is a third-party validation of an employee’s skills as a professional. It increases an HR candidate’s value by highlighting their credentials. Certification also enables professionals to boost their performance by continuous learning. Therefore, it is possible to outline three benefits that derive from HR Certification. First, it strengthens a resume of an applicant, which is especially vital in changing and competitive contemporary environment. Secondly, it differentiates an HR professional from peers who are not certified and do not possess updated knowledge respectively (Mathis et al., 2016). Finally, it enables a practitioner to be more successful.

The Competencies Needed

It is possible to outline two of the many significant competencies needed by HR professionals. The concept of Leadership & Navigation implies an ability to contribute to an organization’s processes (Week 1 Reading). It is the Behavioral competency that focuses on how technical knowledge is applied to a specific role performing. HR practitioner is expected to create what is required for a success of a company and provide others with opportunities to execute. This competency also implies motivating others and adapting to changing needs. Technical competency is knowledge of how to apply specific principles and information to, for instance, determine a more proficient specialist to hire (Mathis et al., 2016). It also enables to evaluate performance, create job descriptions, and create professional development plans.


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