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ISO 9000 is a set of regulations that form the basis of quality assessment for business organizations. These standards are used by business entities to ensure that business operations are carried out according to the guidelines set by the relevant authorities. These guidelines include statutory regulations. In addition, the guidelines help businesses to offer standard quality commodities to customers.

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Adherence to ISO 9000 guidelines by businesses can be used to assess the level of responsibility of the business entity towards its customers, the host community, and the authorities. Business associates of an organization may require the particular business entity to adhere to some ISO 9000 guidelines as a requirement for a successful business association. ISO 9000 guidelines are tailored such that many different organizations are able to use the standards in their business operations. Thus, ISO 9000 guidelines are not specific regarding the precise activities of the business organization.

The first official publication of the ISO 9000 guidelines was in nineteen eighty-seven on the basis of standards established by the Department Of Defense in United States of America in the 1960s. The requirements for a business to be ISO 9000 certified are outlined in the ISO 9001. These guidelines affect international business activities for American companies locally and internationally.

Businesses operating at the international level encounter different rules in every country they operate. However, most regional business regulations and standards conform to ISO 9000 requirements. Thus, ISO 9000 standards and guidelines help organizations operate in smoothly in the international market. Once an organization’s management conforms to the ISO 9000 guidelines, it automatically conforms to most regional business regulations and guidelines. This way, a business is able to maintain consistency in all its operations.

Since ISO 9000 standards are globally recognized, business organizations that are ISO-9000 certified are recognized as the best in the international market. Thus, these businesses attract more customers and are able to secure more contracts than other businesses that do not have ISO 9000 certification. For this reason, most American organizations are striving to achieve ISO 9000 standards. For American organizations operating in the international markets, ISO 9000 certification is important in overcoming regulatory barriers to trade.

The quality of American organizations’ output has been improved by the use of ISO 9000 standards. This gives them a competitive edge in the international market. Failure to adapt the ISO 9000 in the international market often leads to failure of contract bids, which are a common feature of international trade. Due to the quest to provide high-quality merchandise, suppliers of business organizations operating in the international market are also required to adhere to the ISO 9000 guidelines.

American companies that have adopted ISO 9000 guidelines in their production activities have little variation in the nature of their products. For this reason, these companies are able to identify with fewer brands, which they promote with consistency. This has increased customer confidence in ISO 9000 certified firms. Apart from increased sales and popularity of ISO 9000 certified American companies, the financial characteristics of most American companies have improved. This is due to the efficiency that comes with the adoption of a universal standard of quality.

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There has been a criticism of ISO 9000 guidelines due to their indiscriminate application in companies operating in different business environments. However, research shows that organizations that have adopted ISO 9000 guidelines are progressively becoming more profitable. This is particularly due to increasing in sales and popularity of specific product brands. ISO 9000 guidelines and standards are proving to be useful for American businesses operating in the international market.