Creating a Staffing Strategy: Specific Strategic Issues

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For one to carry out HRM planning effectively he needs to know how the business is growing in order to forecast the number of future employees that will be needed. Besides, he needs to know about the financial position of an organization to budget for new recruits. He also needs to know about the condition of the job market where he intends to fish out recruits.

Hiring new recruits into an organization is a process that needs to be well designed so that the organization acquires the best employees that will help in meeting its goals. This calls for the development of proper strategies that include those described below. A critical part of hiring is to develop a proper job description. To do this effectively, one needs to consider the properties of people that are in the same position and include the hiring manager in the process. In addition, one needs to develop a proper interview framework that will best and verify the qualities that are desired for a job.

Another important thing to consider is the advertising and recruiting method that one can apply. Issues of cost, effectiveness and targeted niche can be considered here. Fie example, the internet is considered as a faster and more effective method of reaching out to especially young and fresh job seekers. Moreover, one also needs to consider timing in the hiring process such that the manpower required will be available on time.