Zenith: Current Situation Assessment

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Zenith faced a barrier of confusion and lack of qualification among clinicians in the use of EMR. It is a rational outcome because preliminary decisions and system maintenance were not made correctly. The current situation is chaos, but Martha has begun the process of fundamentally solving the problem. The CEO ordered the use of paper records until further EMR updates. This approach is cardinal, but necessary in this situation since information about patients could be distorted or lost. It correlates not only with the requirements of evidence-based practice but with the biblical commandments. It has been noted that Jesus values every generous gesture the provider makes to the patient for their safety and further well-being. The situation is spiraling out of control, and radical action is needed to maintain data privacy and staff well-being.

Clinicians have no hands-on experience with EMR, which caused the database to fail. It was noted that such barriers are not unique since system complexity and interoperability are in the top five complaints of medical professionals about the innovative program. Martha should contact the hardware vendor to fix bugs and create a unified system. Clinicians experienced problems syncing data, quickly retrieving medical records, and logging into accounts. It is the supplier’s fault since a high-quality EMR is a single online space with quick access from all authorized devices. Martha and the supplier must do significant work to tailor the system to Zenith’s needs and develop staff training courses. Such rules and step-by-step work on errors will allow to launch EMR more correctly and avoid mistakes made in the first implementation.