Deming’s Ideas About Quality Management

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Viewpoints on Deming’s ideas about quality management

Deming was right when he said that a business process starts with a customer. If the sole purpose of a business is to make or generate revenue then the customers who bring the revenue take the first priority. His view on the use of statistical methods of control is used by most organizations. It is true that managers can use past experiences to learn hence they should not be afraid of making mistakes. When organizations create good control measures, objectives are directed towards the goals and quality standards are achieved hence supporting Damien’s arguments that variation is an enemy of quality.

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Demine believes that employees can also cause variation that is consistent with reality in most organizations. Employees always make mistakes regarding quality standards especially when they are given the mandate to asses themselves. Consistency is an important aspect of production because it is the only way to convince a customer to make a return visit. Customers normally become less loyal to a product when its standards are compromised. Considering the fact that businesses develop with time, Demon’s new philosophies can be applied by organizations that want to survive in the new economic age.

Compare and contrast the views of the two gurus Juran and Crosby of quality management

Philip Crosby believes that quality is not a free gift but must be attained by organizations. According to him, quality is conformance to specification while Juran, on the other hand, believes that creating quality trilogy and giving it a project approach helps an organization attain its standards. Cosby laments that deviation from set targets is common among organizations and that it results in 20% revenue wastage.

According to Juran, once a good plan is established, there are control measures to ensure there are no deviations from set targets. Cosby’s idea of acceptable quality level is similar to Juan’s project planning idea where operating forces that meet customer needs are created to ensure quality products. Dr. Juran has a process of managing quality by planning, controlling and improving quality in order to prevent the loss that comes with poor qualities. This approach is almost similar to Cosby’s approach to a quality system where defects can be prevented. They both share the view that a quality assurance team comprising of managers is responsible for better quality standards in an organization. While Cosby is for “doing it right the first time”, Juran believes that one can make a mistake and learn from it by doing it again.

A critical analysis of the views of Ishikawa on quality management and how they are different from Juran’s mission towards quality

According to Ishikawa, quality assessment is left for employees and not managers as portrayed by Juran. In his mission, Juran focuses on new ways of approaching quality. These new ways can help companies to avoid new chronic problems. If employees evaluate themselves, high standards cannot be reached because some behavioral aspects of organizations have proven that employees need a watchdog to do excellent and productive work. Without employee supervision, new chronic problems may arise. Ishikawa also believes that workers needed to be educated at all functional levels in order to equip them with quality skills.

This idea, however, provides room for incompetence hence denying the organization a chance for management appraisal. Instead of appointing managers who are not quality-oriented, performance appraisal helps in choosing the best. The “do it again” idea of Juran can save on training costs and managers can learn from experience. Ishikawa talks about a manager who is action-oriented thereby emphasizing on setting an example to people.