Human Resource Management: Staffing and Motivation

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Top 100 companies

Fortune Magazine comes up with a list it calls the Top 100 Companies to Work for in America. This list is highly regarded, and it involves a detailed application process. Companies interested in the list are required to fill a nomination form at no cost. Some of the questions describe how employees are welcomed, motivated, and treated. Companies interested are then required to provide evidence on creative and friendly programs that motivate employees.

This indicates that companies that develop practices that enhance employee interaction are regarded to be the best places to work. There are two criteria to be followed so as to join the 100 best places to work. First, the trust index employee survey provides the two-thirds score. Supporting and application materials award the company the remaining one third. Companies that are focused on employees join Fortune Magazine’s 100 best places to work. This will attract a significant number of professionals to come and work in these companies.

The Most Powerful Women of the Year 2011

Forbes Magazine publishes a list of ten most powerful women in the world. The list includes Kraft Foods, the chief executive officer of Global Snacks Company. Second is the chief executive officer of North American Grocery Company, Anthony Vermon. The list also includes the United States’ first lady Michele Obama, artiste Lady Gaga, and Sonia Gandhi, the president of India’s Congress Party, among many other women.

A number of women have had an influence in the corporate world, especially in corporations such as Facebook and the Gates Foundation. Saudi Arabian women are not allowed to drive because their rights are commanded by the law of Islam and tribal customs. Some women in Saudi do not embrace change, which indicates that women empowerment is needed to assist Saudi working women achieve women of the year award.


A human resource manager, in his staffing plan, ensures that manpower is connected to their job requirements. One of the functions of HRM is to recruit manpower. Once he identifies the need to hire, he seeks for applications, after which he conducts interviews so as to hire manpower on merit. Employees are answerable to the human resource office. It is this office that ensures that the labor force in a company is efficient.


Goals encourage and energize workers in a company. As a human resource manager, one should formulate goals for his employees. This will guide an individual employee to work according to the set standards. When the standards are attained, the company should appreciate its employees so as to encourage them to work harder. Some companies argue that because workers are paid, they should work. This is wrong because payment should not drive an employee to work.

However, an employee should develop a passion for his or her job. This self-drive can be achieved through motivation by the company’s management. Companies that sell their vision to their employees enable their workers to feel appreciated. When workers are involved in the decision-making process of the company, they feel proud to be associated with the company. Such employees will feel part and parcel of the company. Such feelings will motivate them to work hard and deliver so as to improve the standards of the firm, enabling it to grow to enormous heights.