Development of an Ethical Culture in Organizations

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Ethics are moral principles that guide an individual in conducting themselves or the manner of executing an activity. An ethics program is a set of values and principles that steer policies in an organization. Ethical managerial leaders and their employees take the right path in making decisions ethically. My current organization has an effective ethics program evidenced by the existence of moral codes that are mission-driven and integrity oriented.

Establishing an effective, ethical program

Managerial leaders can proactively encourage ethical behavior to steer organizations. Firstly, any bridge between knowledge and action needs to be eliminated, unpopular decisions should be identified, and the culprits questioned. Some ‘white-collar criminals would say that they knew what was right, yet they chose to ignore and break the law. Secondly, the leaders must be deliberate on who is hired in the organization by selecting people who share virtuous values. The leaders should recruit ethically sound people that can help safeguard the organization’s interests. Thirdly, new recruits have to be inducted into the organization’s virtuous values so as to advance them. This should be done by inclusion in formulation activities for awareness. Fourthly, reporting and follow-up are essential. Often, the task force has to be reminded about their commitment to helping keep their promise that would be exhibited through diligence.


The development of an ethical culture in organizations would ensure the utilization of assets and information efficiently that would guarantee the future success of the firm. Ethical conduct in the workplace promotes a culture of decision-making based on ethics. It also enhances answerability and lucidity when undertaking any organizational decisions. During tempestuous times, a robust ethical culture guides firm manage strife by making the right moves.


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