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This analysis has been done on the demographic, behavioural, psychographic, and geographic segmentation factors.

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Demographic factors

The intention to purchase has constantly been associated with consumer attitude, behaviour, and expectations. In viewing and assessing a particular product, purchasing power is central. The major demographic factors likely to affect the market for leather jackets include age, level of income, sex or gender, employment, and level of education. Age is critical in enabling a person to decide whether to buy a product or not because it affects the wisdom, physical abilities, experience, and spending ability, thereby affecting the buyer’s behaviour (Chen & Fiore, 2017). It is, therefore, expected that the customers for the leather jackets will be adults as these are the ones who can make this decision. Similarly, the level of income also affects the purchasing ability of customers because those with low-income levels may not have enough to purchase leather jackets. In this regard, therefore, people with middle-high income levels are targeted.

Psychographic factors

They include the interests, opinions, lifestyle, values, attitudes, and personality of the target market. These are very critical factors because they directly influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. On lifestyle, it is easier to benefit from a market where the lifestyle has made it easier for all members of the society to associate themselves with the product, and this becomes the market that the product is targeting.

Geographic factors

Some of the geographic factors that are likely to affect the leather product’s market are climate and season, time zone, location, and cultural preferences. It is important to note that geographical segmentation has more to deal with regarding the physical location of the target market. Climate determines the type of clothing that people will buy and use. During the cold weather, most people will dress in heavy clothes to get warmth. It is important to note that the product (leather jacket) falls under this category of clothes. On the other hand, during the hot weather, people will preferably wear light clothes. The product, therefore, targets areas experiencing the cold weather or cool climate because these are the most likely areas to get potential and eventually actual customers or consumers.

Behavioural factors

These are factors that entirely stem from human behaviour because of a particular situation, personality, or reaction to the environment (Chen & Fiore, 2017). Behavioural segmentation groups various customers based on behaviour patterns like their product use, their know-how about a product, attitude towards a product, and purchasing tendencies. Our product will target customers who have had a negative attitude towards the product and those with little or no knowledge about the product. They provide an opportunity to access a new market because if the negative attitude is changed and the people are made to know about the product, the market for the product will have been diversified.

The two trends

Motorcycle jackets and Bomber Jackets

This selection was necessitated because the motorcycle industry is growing quite fast worldwide, and the industry’s growth directly influences the jackets’ markets. It is anticipated that over the next two years, motorcycle jackets will trend. Bomber jackets were introduced for use by pilots who needed durable and warm wear during World War I, with civilians adopting the garment since then. Today, it remains one of the fashion items for men due to its ability to keep a person warm through the entire winter. It is, therefore, expected that they will trend over the coming years.


Chen, W. C., & Fiore, A. M. (2017). Factors affecting Taiwanese consumers’ responses toward pop-up retail. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics.

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