Diversity and Inclusion for Cultural Experiences

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Share in the global market

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become central to the creation of a truly efficient working atmosphere that can encourage large groups of employees of completely different backgrounds to cooperate. The market is rapidly growing, with American companies accounting for almost half of the global market. The USA can boast of an astonishing level of diversity in its workforce. The country continues to attract millions of professionals from different parts of the world. The ability to organize and motivate employees of diverse backgrounds to act as a single team determined to achieve high results has become American companies’ competitive edge in the global market. Therefore, it may prove to be beneficial to highlight the American heritage and identity in order to enhance the brand image.

Five types of learning that result from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Development:

Organizing various events is undoubtedly one of the best strategies to strengthen company culture and enhance team spirit. Therefore, advertisements and all the promotion materials should mention the importance of events in the establishment of an inclusive working environment that cannot be sustained only by the company management’s efforts. There are five types of learning and subsequent change that result from diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development. They include cognitive learning and change, behavioral learning and change, personal learning and change; social learning and change; and affective/emotional learning and change (Dali et al., 2021). A productive and highly competitive atmosphere in the workplace is generally encouraged by various forms of both formal and informal communication that takes place between employees on a daily basis.

Strategy marketing

The most valuable tools to market the services of an event planning company include social media and advertisements in social media that are targeted at owners and HR managers of businesses. It is the most viable option, as HR managers of every big company spend an enormous amount of time trying to find new talents. Therefore, it is of significant importance to make them realize all the potential benefits of using its services. Storytelling and case scenarios from real life should be utilized heavily in order to appeal to HR managers and owners of businesses.

Despite the fact that the company should stay loyal to its values, owners and HR managers are the people that will make a decision to pay for the company’s services. Therefore, the entire marketing strategy should allocate resources to suit their taste and budget. It may be useful to provide substantial discounts or even free first events in order to establish mutually beneficial cooperation. Events are always in high demand, as companies seeking to enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion levels are ready to organize various team-building events consistently. Therefore, it is crucial for an event planning company to use a wide range of strategies and techniques necessary to get the first contract.

Moreover, it is essential to realize what type of companies are most likely to show interest in the event planning company’s services. As the latter specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion, it will be most practical to allocate most resources to reach multinationals that already tend to feature a high degree of diversity in their workforce. HR managers in these companies quickly realize the necessity to find the means to encourage communication between young talents recently hired in various parts of the world.

Potential clients

Currently, the competition in the domestic market in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is far from severe. Moreover, there is always a lucrative opportunity to cater to the demands of multinationals headquartered in other countries, as there is still a lack of highly efficient, well-established brands working in this sphere in the global market. China, the world’s second-largest economy, is forecast to reach an estimated market size of US$1.8 Billion in the year 2026 (Global Industry Analysts, Inc., 2021). Canadian and European corporations can also be perceived as great potential customers, as they have a long history of cooperating with American firms specializing in the enhancement of the working environment.


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