The Flexible Hybrid Work Schedule

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The pandemic has drastically changed the business world and particularly human resource management. Over the last couple of years, the corporate world managed to adjust its recruitment processes and employees motivation. The article by Cohen (2021) is focused on evaluating a flexible hybrid work schedule that is now common in many companies. Cohen cites several workers who explain how they choose in-office days. One can track a trend towards certain days of the week and factors influencing people’s choices.

The article notes that most rank-and-file employees prefer spending two days in the office. They claim they find it the most attractive to allocate this time for brainstorming and training. Managers and client-facing workers usually take three in-office days since they clearly have a communication-intensive routine. Some employees also note that starting a week with three days in a row makes them feel more engaged and gives them more strength to get into tasks. It is also highlighted that employees often choose in-office days guided by the company’s interests and willingness to add the maximum value. However, most people surveyed also admit that personal lives also dictate their choices.

Thursday is noticed to be the most popular day for offline meetings, presumably, because people prefer meeting in person to finalize the week’s tasks. At the same time, Fridays are commonly spent at home, with exemptions being the ones whose working routine is the busiest on this day. Monday is viewed differently by workers: some of them find it too stressful to be spent in an office, whereas others claim it is the most productive day. The article also states that in-office working days are frequently longer than at-home ones. Cohen concludes by suggesting that CEOs are still adjusting to new realities and are searching for the most effective ways to organize working days. Thus, HR managers and leaders should carefully consider people’s preferences and tendencies in choosing a schedule.


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