Factors in Success of Leadership Development Programs at XYZ Telecommunication Company in the USA

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Leaders are the persons who communicate their views and approaches, and try to help the peoples to understand their observations. These leaders will think themselves and generate ideas and influence the peoples in social manner. The great qualities needed in leader are sincerity, innovation, proficiency, inspiration, cleverness, elegance, etc. As a critical component in the public relations, leadership is a multifaceted action including leaders and supporters, probable results and attainment of targets.

Leadership traits are the internal or individual qualities that comprise successful guidance. These consist of attributes such as principles, personality, intention, lifestyle, individuality, aim, approach, and talent.

There are several approaches made by the organizations to improve their internal leadership traits among the executives for the growth of the company. The leadership development program is intended to deal with the leadership worries among the managerial executives. This will promote the talent and self-belief to create dedication and develop various approaches into successful achievements. Leadership development program is meant for the qualified executives in the middle level of the companies. They will be handling the other employees including various managers and senior teams. They have several divisions and subdivisions under their control. By this leadership development program, the middle level executives, or managers will be ready to control the stress and strains from the work. These managers are the link between the top management and the bottom level. They will make the teams to work together and deals with complications. The leaders can make use of their experiences from their various parts of life.

Leadership development aims to develop the leadership talents and mind-sets of the individual. These things will be hidden inside and has to develop by various methods. No one has born in the world with these qualities. All have to do is to know their potential and to improve. Leadership development is a process that improves the eminence of directions within a person or group. These processes include achievement learning, administrative retreats, introspection, etc. Various individual personalities can assist or delay a person’s headship efficacy. They need dignified plans for increasing leadership qualities. Everybody can widen their leadership qualities. For grabbing such progresses takes attention, performance and determination. These things have to obtain from the practice and will not achieve from the readings. The accomplishment of the leadership improvement attempts can be acquired from the individual beginner uniqueness, and the excellence and environment of the program given to the individuals for developing leadership traits. The foremost quality achieved from this development program is the self-behavioral modifications and this will helps in the private life of the individuals.

Leadership is for the improvement of the organization. A truly directed organization with a good leadership will makes the better organization. These improvements can be seen in all departments of the organization and it will promote a fresh energy among the team. The team has the thought of their top management and secured with their leadership qualities which makes them having a feeling of guidance and support in their work. The organizations are trying to accept these facts and apply. Top corporations are beginning to understand that supporting good performances need a broad dedication to emergent leaders that is firmly associated to managerial goals. Organizations have to see their talents and have to get the methods to flow the leadership from the top administrative level to the individuals at all levels, including men and women. The organizations shine at their great leadership accomplished the enduring success.

Back ground of the study

Telecommunication industry was one of the fastest growing sectors in the world from the 19th century. Telecommunication industry in USA is one of the speedy and budding segments across the world. The entire globe utilizes the machinery improved by studies and progresses in USA telecommunications. This investigation and the progresses developed a vigorous rivalry between various business corporations of USA. There were several telecommunication companies in USA which made huge profits. These companies have the target at the busy life-style of the people and most of the companies attracted the customers with various varieties and products.

Case Study of XYZ Telecommunication Company (US)

XYZ Wireless was among the third largest wireless telecommunications suppliers in the US, in 2002. They supplied communications products and services to persons, government, and industries in the US and tried to improve their position through different strategies. They developed highly by toiling hard in the industry and obtaining the space of other telecommunications organizations.

But there were several disputes occurred within the sales channel in this telecommunication company. There were financial troubles and the company was merged with another company. After these various mergers and acquisitions, the XYZ telecommunication organization came up with important challenges in the Indirect Sales Channel. The managers and the company directors found bad moments with the company. They were under pressure to promote a leader and extend their team, while running their trader financial records. Frontline employee turnover was increasing because of the requirement for and deficiency of the coaching and an apparent lack of career development openings. The company faced huge problems with the lack of leaders and persons with leadership qualities among the employees of the organization. When a manager or other executive post became vacant, then there were no internal succession policies for filling those vacant positions and this position was filled by the outside applicant. XYZ Telecommunication Company required special strategies to gain the market place through the Indirect Sales Channel. There should be proper leadership development programs to find the exact and apt leaders for the different posts in the managerial level. For this there should be a proper leadership development program, which will helps in finding a leader who can guide the company into profits, thereby making a huge impressions in the growth of the company.

Statement of the problem

The leadership development programs will benefits in acquiring quality leaders to the organization. A good leader only can direct a team in the right path focusing on the organizational goals. The leadership development program in an organization is mainly paying attention on the middle-level of executives. They will be either supervisory level staff or high prospective middle level managers. The objective of this evaluation with the factors associated with the leadership development program promotes imminent approach on design of an organization and accomplishment of high potential staffs at the early level. This study will shows the preparation of the program conducted over the time and its value has been appraised by the particular organization. This leadership development program makes a huge impact on the further growth of the company.

Purpose of the study

The main objective of the study was to develop the individuals with the leadership qualities in XYZ telecommunications in US. This study aims to find the factors related with the leadership development program. It tries to improve the Indirect Sales Channel by promoting the leaders who will successfully modify the organization. This plans to improve the domestic succession plans in the organization when a vacancy is formed. This training program will keep the employees ahead of the coming technologies.

Research question

Leadership is the clear relation between the leader and led colleagues. The study of the factors associated with the learning development program in XYZ telecommunications of US generates different research ideas. The important and primary research question is about the suggested expansions. The question is what suggested improvements are given to the Wireless Indirect Learning and Development Team (ILD) that will force the current leadership development program, and the completion of the leadership development program for the forefront workers in the XYZ Telecommunications, in USA.

In addition this primary research query, there are a variety of other secondary research questions that are prepared by this study. The secondary research questions include:

  1. What are the steps made by the Wireless Indirect Learning and Development Team for the forefront employees?
  2. What are the organizational confrontations did the Indirect Learning and Development Team come across while progressing out the RDS program?
  3. How the RDS program applicants experience about their moments in the leadership development program, both during the extension of program and after the program?
  4. Did the RDS program convene its stated production objectives in its first year?
  5. From the viewpoint within the Indirect Learning and Development Team, how the program aims and goals have been modified, as with the introduction of the leadership development program?

Significance of the study

There is an ample curiosity in the organizational level of learning and has been improvised by the requirement for a spectacular modifications and deliberate regeneration in many organizations. There will be several leadership development programs in every organization that will enhance the individual’s leadership traits and make them a huge profit for the particular organization. These leadership camps will be in the company’s precise areas that will create a ‘miniworld’ for the individuals. An executive imitation and this miniworld promote the knowledge of thoughts, joint effort and assistance. This leadership development program is made on behalf of the tight competitions in the industry and to give confidence to the persons and to develop an innovative image to the organization. The leadership development program should be methodically reviewed and calculated properly and have to find the results. A crucial outcome on the enhanced collaboration, personal and team learning will drive to the positive conclusions. There are many outlooks found with the leadership development program, there will be leadership developers also. The increasingly used tool for the mounting the leaders is the coaching at the managerial level, which will brings the satisfaction to the top management. By their ideas and thoughts, they will innovate those thoughts into promising development to the organization. The large competitive business world and the crucial human and fiscal matters made on the leadership development. The organizations decide to what methods has to be employed and further steps to improvise the efficiency of the leaders that will contribute to their organization. There will be leadership development program through short and long term extent, internal as well as external and traditional as well as practical approaches. There is also need to maintain consistency in approaches and the modulation of study groups for the purpose of attaining pre determined results. These issues could be sorted out if one were to take a long term approach based on shared values and reports. There are also fears that many new items may be included in the agenda that was not previously considered and which need special mention.

Review of Literature

Management and leadership

The terms Leadership and management are important two concepts that are frequently employed interchangeably. On the other hand, these terms actually explain two diverse notions. We can also say that the concept leadership is a face of the concept management. Leadership is purely of the immeasurable qualities a flourishing manager of the firms must acquire. So that lots of attentions should be given at the time of differentiating these two concepts. The major objective of a manger is to enhance the output of the company in the course of administrative execution. The manager of the organisation must possess strong leadership in order to achieve competitive advantages in the market. Leadership is merely one of the several assets a booming manager must hold. Concern must be in use in differentiating among these two ideas. The major objective of a manager of the organisation is to maximize the productivity of the firm in the course of administrative execution. To accomplish this, managers must carry out the following role. The main role that must possessed by the manager of the organisation are, organisation setting up, recruitment, directing and controlling. And at the same time Leadership is merely one vital constituent of the directing function. A manager of the any of the organisation is cannot merely be a leader; he also desires official power to be effective.

According to Janet Moyles in his book called Effective Leadership and Management in the Early years says that, the term leadership and management accompaniment each other. He says that managers of the any of the organizations deal with results of alterations while at the same time the leaders of the any of the organizations motivate and commence changes. These two features are significant in the situation of change inside education. In this particular book author also discusses about the main seven ladders to becoming a most efficient leader. The seven main steps are,

  • Create, execute and accomplish the educational standards.
  • Be an instructional source for the employees.
  • Develop a culture and adequate environment conductive to learning.

In this book the author also discussed the various duties and responsibilities of the manger and leader in the organization. (Effective Leadership and Management in the early years by Janet Moyles 2006).

According to Mark Shead in his Article called Leadership vs. Management, says about various attitudes as well functions of both manager and leader in the organisation. Management is the procedure of describing and calculating success. The leader who tries to get ahead of these tasks off to a diverse human being is improbable to accomplish 100% alignment among their idea and the real job done by the company. But at the same time this doesn’t signify that the company will essentially be unproductive, but if only 80% of the job being done is really allied by means of the vision, there is leaving to be a diminish in efficiency overall. A leader of the organisation is a person who situates the vision, describes success, and establishes the measurements of accomplishment will be more efficient than the identical leader who desires to situate the vision, but rejects to take on any job in the management part. (Leadership vs. Management by Mark Shead).

Leadership development

Leadership development refers to any action that improves the superiority of leadership within a human being or company. These actions varied from one circumstances to another. Leader is a person who is capable to manage all the necessary changes in the organisation. He is also capable to cope up with all changes in the organisation. Clarifying and recognizing the nature of high-quality leadership is possibly simpler than performing it. High-quality leadership also necessitates deep person superiorities, beyond conservative ideas of authority. Leadership is mainly apprehended by means of people. So that leadership occupies decisions and proceedings connecting to each and every one kinds of other possessions, but leadership is particular compared to whichever other function for the reason that of its sole duty for citizens or people in the organisation. The leader must be developing their potentiality then and then to cope with all the changes in the organisation as well the surroundings.

According to Lou Russell in his book called, Leadership development says about the wide variety of knowledge that must possessed by leader. The very first thing that needs to be possessed by leader in the organisation is the self-knowledge or self-awareness. The leadership quality of any person is grows from what previously subsists inside that person. In order to obtain the self-awareness the leader must have self commitment towards business enterprise as well as develop a map that will direct the leader in the direction of genuine and very bona fide leadership. The most important thing required by the leader is that he must acquire and owned by the resiliency. The world is dynamic so that leader must develop their potentially then and then in order to cope up with the changes in the environment. Leader must maintain a strong communication with its co-workers as well he must be in a possible to maintain the strong interpersonal relationship. (Leadership development by Lou Russell 2005).

According to Ashley Anderson in his article called Leadership Development Programs says that, Leadership development, described loosely, is the coaching of leadership and other connected abilities to those who may or may not make use of those abilities in the future period of time. The procedure also pressures the how, when, and what of being a leader and offers information so that possible leaders can make a decision for themselves when it is most excellent to guide and most excellent to not guide. (Leadership Development Programs by Ashley Anderson).

According to Jonathon Hardcatle in his article called Leadership Development for Managers says that, study has exposed that 80% of all business investments is use to develop the human abilities and encourage their welfare and 20% of the investments are use for technical improvement and manufacture up gradations. Entering nowadays the new sophisticated management performances of knowledge management, investment in the course of citizens is categorized mainly into three types. These three types are learning on the work, official evaluation and guidance and training and mentoring. (Leadership Development for Managers by Jonathone Hardcatle).

Succession planning

Succession planning facilitates business to recognize very talented workers and offer instruction to build up them for future superior rank and broader duties. Succession planning also assists the company to “construct bench power.” In other words the word succession planning also defined as a procedure whereby a business guaranteeing that workers are recruited and enlarged to fill up every key role inside the business. Succession planning assists us to build up numerous succession situations for any situation inside the company. Effortlessly build up succession strategy that build up capacity for future functions and map expansion paths years previously the capacity gap happens. Succession planning has to guarantee that the exact individuals by means of the exact capability are in the exact location at the exact occasion. It can be complete in three methods: position based, person based and group based. The primary is on the subject of recognizing key locations, the subsequent focuses upon main citizens, and the final entails replacing a fragment of citizens or possessions.

According to Christee Gabour Atwood in his book called Succession Planning Basics, says that, the basics of the succession planning provides theory, procedures, most excellent practices and any of the other thoughts that companies want to recognize previous to embarking on a succession scheduling plan. He also says that the procedure includes evaluating the company’s strategic map, learning the present workforce, estimating future tendencies, and growing workers in a well structures map to replace leaders of the organisation as they stop working or leave from the company. The summary of the fundamental steps followed by succession planning procedures are consists mainly six steps. Steps are levy the company, establish the key location, recognize the capability for key location, build up growth plans, and finally scrutinize, calculate, report and modify any change required. He also says that, there are numerous configurations for the succession planning in the organization. Present day it distinguish that succession planning is not merely a procedure to substitute a CEO. But at the same time the term succession planning is very much essential for leadership at all stage of the company. The main purpose of the succession planning in the organisation is to get ready company for the challenges and chances connected by means of modification in the critical key situations. He also says that the succession planning facilitates us to generate a typical qualification and capabilities that probable leaders and administers require to have if probable leaders and administers are going to direct the company in the future period of time. It will also provide superior management a prepared method to appraise and direct the possible leadership ability in the company. Succession planning in the organisation also aids to keep away from premature promotions for the reason that workers are directed in their expansion and arranged for the leadership position. One of the disputes in every company is planning for Human Resource requirements. It is significant to take on disciplined approach to contest Human Resource possessions by means of the probable requirements of a company. This comprises align the succession planning course by way of company approach.

Competency mapping

Competency mapping is a course of action in the course of which one calculates and resolves one’s strengths as a person employee and in a number of cases, as fraction of a business. It normally scrutinizes two regions: emotional cleverness or emotional measure, and strengths of the human being in regions similar to group configuration, management, and judgment making. Big companies commonly make use of some figure of capability mapping to recognize how to most successfully make use of the competencies of power of workforce.

  • Meaning Competence: Identifying with the purpose of the organization or community and acting from the preferred future in accordance with the values of the organization or community.
  • Relation Competence: Creating and nurturing connections to the stakeholders of the primary tasks.
  • Learning Competence: Creating and looking for situations that make it possible to experiment with the set of solutions that make it possible to solve the primary tasks and reflect on the experience.
  • Change Competence: Acting in new ways when it will promote the purpose of the organization or community and make the preferred future comes to life.” (Venugopal).

Competency mapping also necessitates some idea, moment, and examination, and some citizens merely may not desire to do the job concerned to adequately map competencies. Competency mapping alone may not create precise outcome if not one is capable to separate from the consequences in examining past achievements and breakdowns. “Competencies are becoming a frequently-used and written-about vehicle for organizational applications such as:

  • Defining the factors for success in jobs (i.e., work) and work roles within the organization
  • Assessing the current performance and future development needs of persons holding jobs and roles
  • Mapping succession possibilities for employees within the organization
  • Assigning compensation grades and levels to particular jobs and roles
  • Selecting applicants for open positions, using competency-based interviewing techniques.” Venugopal).

According to Scholasticus K in his article called Competency Mapping says that, Competency mapping is a procedure by way of the facilitate of which the company, or the human resource group make a decisions, that where would a exacting individual work most excellent, as per his ability and nature. There are a number of dissimilar issues that are measured for the period of a competency mapping process. There are also a number of easy procedures that have been complete by specialists in the ground of scientific psychology. Some significant features of a people capability have been elaborated under.

Constitution: all people’s character is based upon an exact constitution. A number of features on the subject of work for example a person’s capability to work as a group associate or a group leader or still his nature to work independently are influenced by this constitution.

Character: Characters can be bodily and also behavioral. The characters are frequently connected to the constitution.

Self perception: Every individual has an understanding in relation to himself and a number of self principles.

Skill and Knowledge: All workers have dissimilar abilities and knowledge. Competency mapping assists the organisation to identify more on the subject of the people talents and knowledge.


Research framework

the organizations across the countries are searching for various methods by which the quality of the employees and the leadership which they exhibit can be increased. The essential elements for the successful functioning of the various organizations are its strategies that are used to attract and retain the customers. There are many factors that affect the functioning of the organizations and also influence the set of standards that has to be developed for the accomplishment of the long term treatment and care for the patients.

The frame work of the study is designed in such a manner so as to make the use of the best possible resources and for the inbuilt of the leadership qualities in them which can lead to the overall achievement of the firma and which contribute for the success of the organisation.The XYZ company mainly deal with imparting the resources of the employees and which helps in knowing the effectiveness and the performance of the employees in the organization.

Research design

The formidable dilemma that follows the assignment of defining the study subject is the planning of the research plan, which is identified as the research design. The research design constitute the what, where, when and how of the research study. A research design is the conceptual structure that is conducted and consists of the blueprint for collection.

The research design will include what the researcher will do from the preparation of the hypothesis and the operational implications to the final analysis of the data. The research design here is related to the inquiry of the effect of the leadership practices of the employment and the overall development of them in the XYZ Company.

The research design that is explicitly carried out should be related to the study, why the study is being made, where the study will be carried out ,the type of data used , the collection of the same, the time duration for the study and the style with which the report is prepared. By integrating these research questions the generally plan can be break up as follows:

  • The sampling plan – which deals by way of the study of merely the particular things.
  • The observational plan – which can be circumstances depended
  • The statistical plan – which is apprehensive by means of the questions of how a lot of observations are to be finished and
  • The operational plan – which deals by means of the practice that are much technical precise.

The research design is very specific in the XYZ Company as they facilitate the smooth functioning of the research operations.

Data Collection procedures

The data collection mainly deal with the understanding the various concepts of the leadership and the developments of the company in the organisation, the company gives more importance to these management qualities and they need to retrieve the same result and the effectiveness by the method of data collection.

The data gathering ways used for the procedure are the questionnaire, investigation technique and the interview mode mostly the face to face interview mode.

Questionnaire method

In questionnaire method; we use two categories of the questions such as Open-ended and Closed questions.

These two categories of the questions are extremely diverse in nature and usage. Open ended questions are expected to obtain descriptive answers. This type of question starts with what, describe, why and how. Closed questions can be replied with a single or small phrase. And also this type of questions can have the limited application.

Feedback from the consumer is vital to provide the information about the chances to comment regarding the satisfaction as well as the exact favorable and unfavorable opinion. Criticisms from the customer help to understand the loyal customers as well as how the customer reacts with the price and customer services.

Interview method

Interview is the method used to measure the leadership and how hey exhibit the same in the XYZ company. The issues affect the organisation on a rapid basis and there is much necessity in conducting an interview, where the person can express the own ways of the opinion and what are the changes that are been made and the feedback on the various queries in the organisation. The clearance of any doubt can be done at instantly in face to face interview.

The interviews are the face to face conversation of the people in getting the useful ideas and information from the person regarding the situations, problems and the valuable feedback. The interview in the point of view of the customer satisfaction analysis can be done in a structured or an unstructured manner. The main outcomes of the interview are: building good rapport with the clients, and retrieving the detailed information from the customers who are vital to research. If data are collected directly from the group through interview the fundamental, unfair, and original information straightly from the population can be acquired easily. The data are collected from the primary and the secondary source, the primary sources of the data collection consists of the well prepared questionnaire, from the specific group. The collection of data through the primary research is appropriate for collecting the information.. The secondary data are the sources that are collected from the internal and the external sources, the internal data are obtained from the frequently visited customers and from the magazines annual report and the sources, the external sources consists of the internet and the website sources as the information providers

Surveys method is the most general method to measure the customer satisfaction in the health care industry. superior motive for conducting the survey include the understanding and the analysing all the key concepts and the ideas that are involved in the survey, the survey can be done with many people in the organisation and how they contribute for the success of the organisation or the method by which the viability of the quality features are in the study.

Data Analysis procedures

Quantitative Analysis

The quantitative research is the organized analyzing and investigation of the quantitative data. The idea of the quantitative method is the employment of the mathematical and statistical model and the analysis of the hypothesis. The quantitative link is the main link between the empirical methods and the mathematical analysis. The analysis is the foundation mainly used in the social sciences and anthropology. The main use of the quantitative data is in the analysis. Software packages like the SPSS are used for the interpretation and the analysis of the same.

The quantitative variables are measurement oriented and are based on the results. The different tasks involved in them are the stating of the hypothesis, initiating the variable and the adoption of the different kind of the strategic methods.

Qualitative Research

This method of research is appropriated in several diverse scholarly disciplines. The qualitative design finds its use mainly in the research and in the application of social science. Qualitative researchers intend to collect a thorough understanding of human nature, behaviour and the adaptation to various situations. The qualitative method investigates the why and how in the decision making approach.

Qualitative methods produce information based on particular case studies, data and the hypothesis. They find out how the research problem is affected by stating the hypothesis and the analysis of the same.

These methods are very useful for the research methods to accomplish the goal in the research as the methods are statistically reliable. They provide the reliable data in the research. Qualitative research helps in achieving more insights of information gathering, the intercultural communication, the performance attributes and the core competencies involved in the research.

In the research point of view, the goal can be achieved as the quantitative methods are much capable in stating the research problem consciously and specifically, they help in knowing the depended and the independent variables and the clear information on the same. The data provided are highly reliable making the access very easy. Thus clear information can be retrieved to accomplish the goals. As the data are the objectives, it nullifies the descriptive and the subjective nature of the same data and information and provides sufficient time for the same. The research proposal can be performed in an eye opening manner to accomplishing the goal.

The qualitative research is the more practical data and the information of the world that are unable and knowledgeable in statistical and the numeric analysis of the research. It provides the data collection; the analysis and the interpretation at very ease, the interaction among the subjects of research attribute are the key to the goal accomplishments. The detailed competence in the method boosts up the achievements and contributes in a holistic approach of different phenomenon in the investigation

Hypotheses Development

The topic for the study was to identify the factors that influence the effect of the leadership and the performance of the employees for the development of organisation as the whole. The customer outcome depends on the quality of the standards that are incorporated in the sector. In customer outcome what are the important aspect that has to be discussed regarding the relationship bond. The hypothesis statement was framed in such a manner that all the factors influence the performances and the quality of the organizational industry. The organizationsity sector needs to consider more on the customer’s expectations and must find out various ways to meet the standards and expectations. A method is a logical procedure in achieving a certain task or objective. A Methodology is the varied ways in accomplishing the final result by incorporating the methods. A Methodology can also be referred as the hypothetical analysis of the research methods appropriate to the research field to facilitate the study.

The Quantitative Analysis in the hypothesis is conducted from the secondary sources and the have to be made from different secondary sources like the articles and the review of literature.

The hypothesis determines the validity of the assumption and chooses the decision from the parameter to assume certain properties that come from the parameters like the mean standard deviation which are the statistical test that is involved. The methodology used is much helpful in understanding the data and how it can be retrieved from the employees in the organisation.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection and analysis plays key role in the success of any research topic. Since the conclusions and remedy for a problem are based on the collected data, the interpretations following with the utilization of the data obtained. The results will be depending on the type of methods adopted for the purpose of collection of the data and accordingly for their interpretation. A lot of data collection methods are existing for the purpose of conducting research on any topic. Appropriate data collection method with the purpose leading to an effective leadership development program need to be identified and implemented. “Data gathered from surveys, or input from several independent or networked locations via data capture, data entry, or data logging” (Data Collection). “The stage in the research process which assesses secondary and/or primary data and relates it to the defined issue or problem” (Online Glossary).

I) Program development context:

The context in which the leadership development program is formed need to be analyzed well to justify the step of having a leadership development program.

It is identified that there exists a shortage of leaders who are ready to take upon the responsibilities when shift occurs in the organization towards the top in the hierarchy. It specifies that the existing one when rose to a higher position and the team is changed or when new entrant is offered a post with a team with whom he has to co ordinate with, in both the cases or in a similar kind of a situation because of the one reason or the other would not be able to deliver the expected quality of response from them.

Due to the changing corporate strategies in the industrial environment of the world in general and in the organization in particular it is an evident fact that the retained people are getting time tough to manage, train and retain with them. Whenever a shuffle or change occurs in the team it affects the entire environment.

“The superior leader gets things done with very little motion; He imparts instruction not through many words but through a few deeds. He keeps informed about everything but interferes hardly at all He is a catalyst, and though things would not get done well if he were not there, when they succeed he takes no credit. And because he takes no credit, credit never leaves him.” (A Leadership Definition List). Regular change of the employees will definitely affect the employee morale of the one entering and the one who is there already in the organization. The top level who is naturally responsible to train the new entrants is finding it difficult to train them properly along with carrying out their own responsibilities towards the organization and if at all they are taking efforts these are in vain when their occurs the shedding of the new entrants.Some times or often the improper guidance also is a cause for the shedding off of the new entrants or the promoted and need to work with a new team. it is being evident in this industrial scenario that a talented group of individuals can contribute more to the organization in all respects. The organization at present is suffering from significant challenges in the indirect sales channels. The most difficult resource manage is identified as the human resource.It is proven from experience that if an organization could effectively and efficiently manage its human resources rests with them and that are yet to be there at their organization then success could not be denied in their path.

  1. Quantitative findings:

The company is investing considerable amount of money for recruiting people and the recruitment is obviously don e with the expectation of having their work done with perfection. But when employee turnover occurs due to lack of training it definitely accounts towards the fact that a little money in addition spent with the time resources can save their investment involved in the recruitment, selection and placement along with the business and the enhancement in retaining the interest of the stake holders. Employee morale too will be increasing when they find that they were recognized. The leadership development program is found beneficial for the new entrants and as a result it solved the problem faced by the new entrants in the beginning.to arrive at the quantitative findings of the leadership development program the participants of the program that is the potential entrants ,the existing employees are included in the survey. Data collection methods used to arrive at the quantitative findings includes that of the regular conversation with the participants of the program, the conversations with the participants of the program enhanced in collecting their opinions without loss. Their opinions are the essential ingredients in the process of evaluation of the success of a leadership development program and the evaluation sheds light on the fact that a positive response is there from the side of the participants of the program. The new entrants with high potential are offered a platform to brush up their talents before their entrance to the work for the organization.

III. Program participant survey:

The program is leadership development as referred above, to identify the success factors of the conducted program and to evaluate for the improvement the responses of the recipients is an essential factor. The recipients here are the frontline employees who are offered with such a sort of leadership development program since the firm identified a high turn over of the frontline employees.The program is aimed at the reduction of the turnover of employees, an attempt to retain the employees, improve the morale of existing employees, an effort to reduce the burden that will be there in the shoulders of the retaining employees when the turnover rate increases. The turnover effects the functioning of the organization in general. The distribution channel is affected due to frequent changes in the higher order. Leaders will be able to take upon the pressure on their part. Hence it’s the necessity of the organization to have good leaders. Even recent surveys proved there is always demand exists for the able ones.

The survey is done with the help of personal interview method, filling up of the questionnaires to know the responses of the participants of the program. The results are analyzed and depicted for convenience in the form of a pie chart.

The results
Figure 1. The results

The figure points towards the positive direction (75%) of the program conducted. The ILD are supporting the ongoing leadership development program. The main objective of the program is to reduce the employee turn over. The 20 % who are towards the negative side and 5 % who does stand on any particular agreement implies that there are still chances of turnover. Here arises the importance of ILD They can take motivational steps for increasing the interest of the program. They can provide suggestions to the top management for having a change from a conventional policy. They can suggest for a co operative leadership management program with the new identified potentials and the existing ones. The opinion of the existing will definitely have impact on the new comer’s.So for the benefit they can first create a positive attitude in the existing ones so that the idea will be better conveyed.

IV. Management survey:

The result is obtained from the managerial level for the effectiveness offered by them and what they get in return for that 50 % are in support with the program offered but the negative opinion and the nil opinion are concerned and it sheds light on the fact that there is still scope for improvement. The RDS program can deliver results on the impact of a particular program if data delivered. When rolling out the program the ILD will definitely face with difficulties.

The data collection procedure is the basis for all the inferences observation need to be carefully noted and analyzed for better results.The management have to introduce innovative programs for leadership development they can have the new comers with them in phases so that they can extract their mind set with giving some work reduce their burden too. The atmosphere of the work or the work environment is an essential factor in improving the attitude of the new comers.

Management survey

V. Participants and management survey responses:

The survey responses of the participant’s of the program and that of the management is combined with the above charts, the responses are changed in terms of percentages and depicted in the following pie chart

The survey responses of the participant’s of the program
Figure 2. The survey responses of the participant’s of the program

The above chart too is following the other two pie charts and referring towards the fact that there is still scope for improvement. The indirect learning and development team studying these facts can formulate ideas and implement them into the leadership development program offered. They can develop program to promote group activities. They can have programs to know the mindset of each others with whom they have to work with. The participant can have a better rapport with each other and with their superiors. The management will be able to know their mindset and will be able to consider them.

The questionnaire method alone will not be sufficient to know the actual response face to face interview, depth interview, focused group interview, observation of the participants all such activities will enhance in drawing conclusions aptly.

VI. Management survey close ended question responses:

The close ended questions enhance the researcher in limiting the choice to the survey participant along with easy analysis of the responses obtained. The responses can be analysed easily and the result of the survey is derived. The degree of responses is not ambiguous for the respondent and the analyzer or the researcher as well. The responses for the close ended questions were analyzed and framed in the form of pie charts. The questions include

  1. What is your first hand opinion about the existing program from the given choices?
  2. Thinking of a better program?
  3. Do you think the program is essential?
  4. Does the program improve your confidence?
  5. Do you get a chance to have a chat with all the participants at least once?
  6. Are you satisfied with the trainers?

The analysis of the responses to these close ended questions is taken forward to the drawn conclusions on the participant responses and questions with similar degree to the management results in the response from management.

The responses sheds light ion the fact that there is need of improvement in then offered program.If innovative ideas and the conclusions drawn are taken into consideration, it will be resulting in a better development program.

The program when framed with the new comers in mind got many challenges, from the responses it is found that the direction is towards the success. The reduced turnover statistics after the program launched indicates the organization in general and the frontline employees to a great extent along with the middle level and top level management is enjoying the benefits of the program. With the changed program the company gained its momentum in the market since the distribution channel is improved. The top level and middle level management were able to concentrate on their specified jobs. The job burden is reduced, Rapport among the levels found improving.


The subject of leadership being a subjective matter makes it all the more amenable for interpretation. In the context of telecommunication industry, the leadership issue is still critical since the industry is undergoing major reshuffles and reorientations, thanks to market positions and repositioning. Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers are quite dominant in the telecom industry and this reinforces the urgent need for leadership to overcome organisational issues and post merger crises.

There are also causes for comfort in that the industry, especially in the US is well organised and devoid of any kind of fragmentation. There are large players and smaller ones too, and they all have a share of the market pie, which they would, however like to enlarge. The suggested improvements that are needed in the context of Wireless indirect Learning and Development Team could be that problems need to analyse threadbare and possible outcomes or threats first determined. Next, it is necessary for the team leader to assess and weigh the extent and intensity of each kind of potential threat or challenge and, with the help of team members, seek out ways and means by which this could be reduced or alleviated. For this joint consultative plans and brainstorming sessions could also be induced that could throw up leads to potential solutions. Once there is consensus on the best and most acceptable idea, this needs to be enforced without further delay. The main aspects of current leadership development could be in terms of the fact that there should be no imposition of the leader’s will on the led, and all aspects are gain through mutual agreement and consensus and not enforcement of unofficial laws and byelaws.

The steps taken by Wireless Indirect Learning and Development Teams for frontline employees could be in terms of educating and training/retraining them to embrace newer, more efficient technologies which are not only state-of-the-art but also are more user friendly and adaptable. It would thus be necessary for employees to consider the relative advantages of new models of work performance in terms of self development, creating new awareness about the hidden facet of business and creating avenues for personal and organisational growth. This could also be in terms of creating better avenues for business in line with current and future goal planning.

The organisational confrontations that indirect learning and development Team come across while progression out the RDS program could be seen in terms of the fact that internal squabbles could arise with regard to the perceived results of the program especially with regard to its gains and benefits. Since many employees may have participated in the program, it is only natural that the spoils also need to be distributed but this could be skewed with regard to results and outcomes of the RDS program.

This study has also studied in depth the deliberations of leadership development program, especially with regard to matters both during the extension and valediction of program, and needs to ensure that all is in the best interests of the employee growth prospects in XYZ Telecom.

There is also need to ensure that there is constant monitoring and follow up actions being taken with regard to these programs and the investments that have been made, in terms of monetary and non monetary resources need to be enforced without major delays.


There are several reasons to believe that programs of such kind, though costly, could also prove to be cost effective in the long run. These are in terms of soft skill developments by members of the work force and also in terms of better business development through enhanced performance and motivation. There are also reasons to believe that more needs to be done for employees through various improvement programs and packages build exclusively in order to cater to the specialised need satiation of work force in the context of XYZ Telecom industry and more so, in the case of XYZ. While these aspects are to be given due consideration from the long term perspective of the business there are also cause for concern in terms of whether these could be properly maintained and developed in latter years.

It is also necessary that more such programs need to be stage managed in future that would not only take care of the workforce leadership issues, but also lend a helping hand in ensuring that more and more items could be garnered in future too besides, working out reasonable ways and means by which parity in high growth avenues and progress could be measured and reinforced at all times. Besides, it is also necessary that industry wise specifics with regard to leadership issues are also considered, more so in the case of telecom, which, as already mentioned, is in the high growth levels, and yet needs to be properly routed and monitored for greater progress and solidarity among the workforce.

Finally, the survey also needs to consider the short term, medium term and long term interests of workforce within the telecom industry, more so in the context of better understanding of leadership roles and better management of resources of all kinds, monetary and otherwise.

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