Ford Motor Company: HRM and Business Strategies

Propose how you would ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy

First, it is obvious that all Ford plants ought to capable of abiding by the organization’s code of conduct. In addition, applying the code of conduct when procedures are fully ready would ensure the alignment between business and human resource strategies of Ford Motor Company (Ford Motor Company, 2013). However, the procedures have to be prepared to monitor compliance and offer remediation techniques at all amenities. Secondly, the hard economic conditions are enough reason for Ford Motor Company to cancel or fail to schedule executive and subordinate trips across the world. Cutting costs is an initiative that can align Ford’s human resources strategy with the business strategy (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 144). Thirdly, human resources at Ford have to be under the firm’s strategy development. For human resources to efficiently align itself with the approach of a firm, it ought to present executive management with solutions that tackle the tactical need and upkeep of the firm (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 144). As a result, Ford’s human resources management can expand its conventional administrative role to have a critical effect on Ford’s value formation.

Describe the HR job position and the responsibilities listed for that HR department

The human resources job position at Ford Motor Company revolves around a single plan (Ford Motor Company, 2013). The plan is that human resources jobs are leading the most determined transition in the current business world. Job positions at Ford’s human resources spearhead change in the firm by focusing on personal, group, and organizational efficiency (Ford Motor Company, 2013). The human resources job position at Ford presents a lot of opportunities for any aspiring applicants to progress with the firm in practically any field affiliated with running a motor-manufacturing company. The employees at Ford are the head of developing the expertise and inventions that have a positive effect on the lives of Ford’s clients (Committee on Diversity in the Engineering Workforce, 2002, p. 3). The following is a list of responsibilities for this job position.

  • Employees need to carry out business fairly and honestly,
  • Each worker has to behave with the highest sense of honesty, always in the best interests of Ford, and in all situations and,
  • Each employee has to act in a way that shields and advances the corporate status of the firm.

Determine which HR job positions you would prefer and explain why

The HR job position that I would prefer is a Training Administrator. One of the key reasons for choosing to be a Training Administrator is that such a job position offers input from across the globe. My work would make a new combination of a first-class leader in human resources and progressive training. Such features can only be achieved through my interaction as a Training Administrator with human resource departments from other parts of the world (Ford Motor Company, 2013). Another job position I would prefer at Ford Motor Company is the Regional HR Officer. The Regional HR Officer at Ford is provided with a highly motivating work environment. Ford achieves this by offering special benefit packages that stretch to the health and financial parts of the officer’s life. Applying such benefits would make me capable of providing upmarket and exceptional human resource management that puts value on the employee’s contribution. Such a capability is certainly in line with Ford’s business strategy (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 147). This alignment is also the last reason I would prefer taking the designer position under the Ford Design Team at Ford Motor Company.

Analyze how the selected company can establish HRM strategies to improve competitive advantages

Ford Motor Company can establish human resources management strategies to better its competitive edge. Firstly, Ford needs to acknowledge the fact that human resources management and its responsibilities are a strategic asset. Ford needs to abolish the notion that the conventional administrative role of the HR department is an expense center that concentrates on compliance (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 149). This administrative function will operate on effectiveness and is hence a product. If Ford is not able to acknowledge this product, it misses the chance to let HR become strategic. Such a managerial outlook is necessary for growing into an emphasis on value formation. Secondly, Ford can deviate from administrative are responsibilities and expand into a strategy. Becoming more tactical than before does not imply that Ford’s HR can overlook its administrative responsibilities. Instead, those responsibilities can become more tactical than usual by expanding its impact on the organization beyond a managerial role (Gates & Paul, 2004, p. 36). Strategic management work can develop HR’s credibility and remain the groundwork upon which Ford can make a tactical influence on its own.

Propose three (3) ways that the company can increase diversity

Enrollment and development

Cultural diversity is a particularly crucial element that human resources departments across the world value in contemporary society (Gates & Paul, 2004, p. 36). Even though the representation of different ethnicities in Ford’s staff is rising, Ford’s needs to realize that more recruitment is necessary for corresponding with the changing population.

Understanding and joining with the Hispanics

For Ford to make commodities and services that appeal to Hispanics, the firm needs to understand and connect with the Hispanics. It is worth mentioning that Hispanics are a highly profitable market. Nonetheless, the challenge for Ford is making approaches that target this market (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 162). Comprehensive approaches can ultimately influence everything from Ford’s recruiting exercises to commodity development and advertising.

Strengthening and growing the cultural network at Ford

Ford Motor Company has nine resource groups that aid the firm in comprehending the markets (Ford Motor Company, 2013). Through these resource groups, Ford increased diversity through its enrolling efforts and relations with the Hispanics presently employed. This is full proof that strengthening and growing the cultural network can increase diversity at Ford.


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