Four Main Steps in the Control Process in Calls Management

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The control process is crucial for any company because it helps to stay confident that certain progress towards their goals is observed. Control includes appropriate planning, organizing, and leading. There are also four important stages that cannot be neglected including the establishment of the standards, the measurement of actual performance, the evaluation of deviations, and the choice of corrective actions. In the situation when a company faces the problems such as the inability to gain profits and meet targets after the corrective actions were taken, it is possible to say that something goes wrong in terms of the third step in the control process, the evaluation of deviations. Any deviation has to be investigated in order to clarify if an ineffective process could be executed.

The company failed to investigate thoroughly the deviations that led to the increase in profits and understand what aspects could improve the quality of the work. Therefore, the only corrective action, the increase in phone calls, could not change the situation. The correction of the problem in the control process is possible in case output controls are used by managers in order to identify the tasks, clarify the goals, and monitor performance against the goals taken. This method is effective because it helps to involve different units and promote cooperation between the headquarters’ representatives and senior managers. Finally, managers could get the required portion of autonomy and investigate the working environment in order to clarify if the goals are set properly and if the steps are taken properly in a particular situation.