Group Process in Organization Leadership

The group process is a term that is used to describe how members within a group work together to accomplish a specific task. My group had five members. The other group members were Shaun Biddiscombe, Joshua Brundige, Sigrid Carrero, and Gishel Cruz. We were given a project on organization leadership.

An effective group will work together and see to it that the goals of the group are achieved. Our goal, in this case, was to complete the organizational leadership project. An effective group will also comprise of members who are able and willing to contribute to complete the project at hand. It is important that the group be conducting meetings frequently. This will help improve communication within the group. The following describes the group process;


This is how members will contribute to the topics being discussed. It is important that every group member participates in decision making. In our case, we held our discussions online. This had some disadvantages as some of the group members would take some time before they could reply to their messages; this was a major challenge.

Decision making

It is important that every group member is given a chance to be part of the decision making the process. Disagreements should be resolved amicably. We made decisions as a group and voted whenever we disagreed.

Leadership issue

It is important to have a group leader that will be in total control of the group and make sure the issues affecting the group are resolved. Being a leader is not an easy task as it requires one to be selfless. This, at times, may involve making decisions that are unpopular but are for the common good of the group.

Organizational role

A group should be able to divide tasks among its members. This should be done in a fair way. The group members, in this case, decide to divide the task into smaller parts. Each member would be given a part of the task to complete. This ensures that the final project has the input of all group members.

What I learned from the experience

This was a wonderful experience that will have an impact on my life. This will make me a better person.

Time management

Time management was vital. After everyone was given a task, it was up to them to make sure they completed their part on time. Being on holiday, I had to make sure I plan my time and create time to complete the task assigned to me.


Communication among group members is very important. Since some of the group members were away on holiday, we decided to communicate online. Though it had some disadvantages, we were able to pass messages to one another and made sure that we completed the task at hand within schedule. Through this platform, we were able to share ideas on how well we should complete the task.


I was able to understand the value of teamwork. We were able to work as a team and made sure the project was completed on time. We also made sure we produced quality work that would earn us good marks. It was through teamwork that we were able to complete the project

Improving performance

We faced some challenges along the way that I believe can be avoided to improve the performance of the group in the future.

Quantity and quality of work

This was the most important part of the assignment. It is of extreme importance to see to it that work submitted is of high quality. The main aim of groups is to allow members to brainstorm and come up with quality work. To improve this, I would suggest that each task be divided between two members of the group. This will ensure that they brainstorm to provide quality work.

Meeting deadlines by individual members of the group

Some of the group members were not able to finish their parts on time, and this was a major challenge. To improve this, I would suggest that the group leader is giving strict deadlines. This will allow the individual members to complete their parts on time, giving enough time for the final draft to comply.


The group was able to work together as one. Having conversations online was a big challenge. Some of the group members had problems uploading their tasks. I believe this situation can be avoided by conducting group discussions in person. This will help eliminate some of the challenges we encountered.

Taking initiative

It was great that one of my group members took the initiative to compile the final draft. This ensured that we completed our assignment on time. However, all group members should take the initiative and help the group in any way possible.


This was the biggest challenge we faced as we had to conduct our discussions online. Some members would take time to log in into the portal and, therefore, we had to wait till they logged in to make some crucial decisions. This can be addressed by making sure that we conduct group discussions in person in the future.