Human Resource Management. Employer of Choice

Nowadays, many companies are making various efforts to be recognized so as to attract the best-skilled employees in their specific industries so as to be ahead of their competitors in terms of human capital. The term human employer of choice can be used to refer to any company which could be either private-public or non-profit-making and employs people having achieved the standards which have been put in place by the Employer of Choice, Inc. (Employer of Choice) when an organization achieves these standards before it’s awarded the certification it has to go through a meticulous process of assessment. The award of this certification is an acknowledgment of the organization’s exemplary leadership, organization culture their values that they use to draw the best-skilled employees in order to satisfy their goals. (Employer of Choice).

With development both economically and socially, more people gain top-class qualifications, which puts them at vantage positions in the sense that they can make choices on which organizations they would want to work for. Even after employment, the employees can decide for how long they would work at these organizations. This situation, therefore, puts the employers to be the ones to make the efforts to attract the best employees. For this reason, the phrase employer of choice basically means that when an employee has various alternatives of which companies he or she would go to work for, then he or she would rather go to that particular organization for employment, the Employer of choice.

Program for becoming an Employer of Choice

There are some general factors that employees usually consider, like remuneration, location of the organization, and the opportunities which the job with the organization may present. These factors could be varied, but there are some which are common and must be implemented by an organization intending to become an Employer of choice. In his book Excellence at work, the six keys to Inspire Passion in the Work Place, Sandy Asch has made some suggestions that can be put in place by an organization to become recognized as an employer of choice. These can be

  1. Mutual respect and openness in communication between the employers and employees.
  2. The Employer should practice accountability and be truthful in his dealings with the employees.
  3. The Employer should get the employees to concentrate on singular tasks so that they may be more productive in their work.
  4. The employers should be open to cooperation and dedicated to teamwork for better output.
  5. The employers should ensure that the employees have a balanced life as this gives them renewed energy for work.
  6. The employers should cultivate friendship and ensure there is a lively atmosphere for the workers for better work.

There are some advantages that organizations seek to gain by achieving the status of Employer of choice. Some of these advantages are so that the organization can get recognition on a bigger platform. The organization would be recognized by the other companies in the same industry and also gain general publicity. Another important gain for the company is that the management will be able to get an honest all-inclusive report from its workers about it. These opinions can be used by the management for internal improvement.

Apart from the evaluation report it gets from its employees; the company also gets a report for relative comparison with other companies, which could be its competitors or in other industries. Though just for aesthetic purposes, it’s important that the organization also gets a personalized prize for the show as a testament to its achievement. Since the company is acknowledged in a new way and should make the most of its achievement, it is also given a media kit for this purpose.

The organization will be listed on the company of the choice website, where it can be able to list some of its employee attracting features. This really helps in further exposing and doing marketing for the organization. When a company gets this kind of acknowledgment, it gets a good footing in the job market such that it has a high bargaining power when getting new job candidates.

This kind of achievement is also enjoyed by the employees in that they get to have some pride for being associated with a good company that happens to employ only the best in the industry. When an organization gains this award, it will tend to get the attention of the best-skilled workers, and this is a plus for it against its competitors. The advantages of these employees are in terms of work experience, knowledge base, the efficiency of response to situations in the market. This feat will also enable the organization to keep getting better-skilled workers and, if well managed, should translate into higher financial gains.


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