IBM Outsourcing of Technology Support Services Product

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One product that IBM could outsource is its Technology Support Services product. It is a package that has a range of services aimed at tech support, preventive maintenance, and analytics. The elements include hardware and software support services to various extents, with some automated features (IBM, 2021). This would be a good product to outsource as this is essentially technology support, it does not utilize any unique IBM proprietary technology, nor is it a major project or consulting that the innovative tech firm can find engaging. IMB’s resources should be drawn to larger projects while supporting programs such as this should be outsourced.

Even when outsourced, the lead time for the Technology Support Services is short. From the moment that a business places the order, the support services can be in place within a working week, depending on the size of the company. Upon placing the order, the company’s physical and digital infrastructure has to be evaluated. Then, if other IBM services are used, the process is simple as Tech Support simply connects via existing services and cloud, beginning the evaluation process on the security, reliance, and efficiency of said infrastructure.


  • Day 1 – Client places an order for Technology Support Services product.
  • Day 2-3 – Evaluation of client’s infrastructure, hardware, and software. Preliminary identifications of issues and network weaknesses.
  • Day 4-7 – Integrating the client’s network and digital infrastructure with the Technology Support Service. Running diagnostics, gathering analytics, calculating efficiencies, focusing on ensuring everything is on the same level of quality and standards.
  • Day 10 – Running stress tests and testing the system to ensure it runs correctly.
  • Day 14 – Completing the project, ensuring that there is a reliable connection and tracking between the client company and the Tech support services. Clarifying lines of communication and type of data shared. Finalizing any technical components.


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