Public Human Resource Management for Students

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Public Human resource management (PHRM) is a critical part of organization that is mandated with but not limited to staffing and the overall well-being of the staff members. PHRM can prove to be a crucial player in student welfare in public schools. For an excellent human resource sector in public schools, rewarding students for their hard work through instant appraisal performance, incentives such as reducing school fees to be paid, and monetary reward for a task well accomplished.

The human resource department can develop a strategy where students are instantly rewarded for accomplishing a task. The reward can be offering free snacks to students or even giving them free front parking lots for those who drive. This will encourage more students to put more effort into their work. The resultant effect for this simple will be improved student performance as most of them will strive to be awarded.

Furthermore, provision of incentives is another way the PHRM rewards hardworking students (Battaglio, 2014). For students, incentives can be in monetary form, reducing school fees for a specific duration and taking them for a trip. These strategies will ensure healthy competition among students, thus leading to positive achievements. The students’ morale will also hike, making them enjoy being in school and carrying on hard work.

The five most essential aspects from the reading include:

  1. Decentralization. This involves delegation of duties to junior staff. Top managers of the human resource department can appoint junior staff to help them reward students.
  2. Performance-based pay. Without a doubt, the best performing and hardworking students are the ones rewarded.
  3. Declassification. In this case, PHRM eases rules of pay grade, thus employing employees with broader knowledge rather than looking for those with specific knowledge and skills (Yanchus,,2018). This helps the school have a flexible team and can handle the students with much ease.

The above five aspects are essential for public employees to comprehend as they will ease their work. Knowing the rules of a profession are all that an employee needs to have a successful carrier. Finally, the PHRM can employ various incentives and instant rewards for hardworking students. For success in the PHRM’s dispensation of services, the five essential aspects should be mastered: decentralization, performance-based pay, deregulation, declassification, and privatization.


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